Jan 27, 2009

baMbOo + nGan LieW + DeCoSss

HiToMi HissEs :
ShoW you MOre FooD toMorrow because I would be late hoMe after mid Night show - so No tiMe to Furnish the Post^^

I bet I must Have not get eNough of Ngan Liew because NOw I am going to Present you more of nGan Liew^^

PenGuin?? Like My PenGuin

KaWaii Des^^

CurLing woRmie *wince*

BeSides shooting NgaN LieW, I scrutinized around my LivinG rooM & Found other stuffs to Shoot^^
Hehe, this is not LiVing Room. It is in My room Lo...

Old fashion Chair - anyoNe have it at hoMe?? And my PenGuin, Used to stay in my Car

tHis is BaMboo?? Don't know what It is called actually ^^

It is strong...keep growing & Getting GreeNier since last year

See HOw maNY stages it has Been through

SwiRL, swiRL & SwiRL....

ThiS is how it Looks like

OKie okie...enough of Plant Shooting, now DeCosSss time

LioN?? Haha...must be from SoMewhere

it Comes in pair^^ and My mom placed it So

BasKet now, with AntiQue

In Pair too!! One BiG One SmaLL

sMaLL tea set~~

TaDa!! MOre pictures for Your Sight viewing~~~ Stay TuNed to HiToMi5 BloGspot!!


  1. nice singing! *thumbs up*
    you start to take good photos
    all you need is a better quality camera. if your pics not blur, should be good enough d =)

  2. old chair pic looks good

  3. Thanks you guys for the comments~!!!

    For the first time I think it is artistic, for real!!

    hehe...the song is meant for you guys anyway!!


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