Dec 31, 2009

HaPpy new year PeePsss

Wooo, here comes the Slight detour As i have promised Hannah tan concert post earlier on

I shall delay that for just one moment and wish all of you

It comes to my realisation, My brush sets are Incomplete...
time for MOrrrrrrrrreeeeee

Happy happy

I have sudden craving for Guinness infused dishes
Might be going to Souled out for a Cosy dinner~~~
Enjoy and Pamper kay

Dec 28, 2009

Hannah Tan Charity Concert | artists

5 days before Christmas
20th December 2009
it marked the meaningful event brought by Hannah tan

it is very Sweet of her to have such a thoughtful idea, by bringing cherish to the unfortunates
She simply deserves the Applause for the Good deed

For those whom not there, I must say it is not bad, but there are plenty of crowds went off midway.

it is tiMe for pictures do the talking now~~

We have Shawn Lee DUMbuLubeDum in the House, with Cool masked dancers performing their stunts

And how Could we ever miss the Miss Hannah in this event?
Isn't she Hot and pretty?

Surprisingly, we have Liang as the Emcee cum Singer, David Lai as the Magician, and Pietro as the Full time official emCee for the night.

Wondering what is going on?
Actually, Liang was trying to Bend a Fork *mind that Pietro, that is not Spoon kay* with his ultimate strength but he failed.
On the other hand, Magician David, just need to rub, touch, then the spooN *oops, FORK, pietro's fault* will bend, twist, and even BREAK INTO TWO
It was GOod, bloody Good stunt.

*snap finger*
well, enough of the MagiCssss spell

this eMo guy here, probably going bald, is No other than SAm from INNUENDO that roCked the Night!!
They can go Crescendo, Staccato, Decrescendo, or even Piccato

that is Not all, after the all the Crescendo Largo and Marcato

we even had Mr Violin in Pink with the delicate feature of a Japanese guy, Dennis Lau
*hopefully I am not wrong with his name*
HohoHo, he is pretty handsome and damn Talented!!

Perhaps this is how he looks like after 10years later??

No wayyyyyyy man...I am just kidding.
This JOker no joking kay, BUATAN MALAYSIA tau!!
Proudly present Harikh Iskandar!!
He is bloody funny, and OMG, I dun even know he can Improvise - 100% gifted creativity and sense of Humor.
Oh well, if your future husband is like this, but character wise *JOkerrrr*, will you??


i think that is what he is Doing ; Forgive me, I am obviously crapping. I forgot his name, My fault
But hey, I like his tie, I want one too

Kudos to Hannah for bringing in so many artists performing for the sake of Charity
The kids would be happy to receive moreeeeeeee gifts

UP next :
Hannah Tan Charity Concert | Through hitoMi's lens

Dec 26, 2009

Merry xMas | Pasta zanMai

wooHOo, merry christmas everybody!!
HOw is your boxing day??

hitoMi has no present for you guys
I have some Visual treats Just for you!!

I assure you it is simply tantalizing, mouth-watering, saliva-drooling etc etc etc

Seriously I love my Soft shell crab pasta
I Rate it 5/5

The crispiness of the crab, doused with some gravy of the Pasta;
The "slurp"iness of the Pasta, fully blended with the Gravy ;
Damn, it is simply FANTASTIC.

This portion alone is sufficient to serve 2 pax, no kidding!!
hitoMi headed home with full gorged tummy

even their Pizzas are way better than Vivo, perhaps its tastiness matches with those Dominos and Pizza huts!!

SKinny panda @ amanda has the same comment too
"HitoMi, I am very full now. Can you help me to finish this??"

UP next :
HanNah tan Charity Concert @ the Gardens ballroOm

Dec 24, 2009

seCret of merryLand soldiers

For those whom manage to guess the exact location of Merryland soldiers
*thumbs up for you*

For those failed to
NO worries~~~

this is why this post is meant for ^^

If you still wonder how Desa Park City looks like
Feel free to check out these links
I have a feeling tonight I would be plan-less >.<

Dec 23, 2009

ChristMas one MOre day

It is coming very soon.
Tomorrow will be our christmas eve 2009.

Did not have much time to snap around Christmas decorations in Malls, but this is the only One I did

Light soldiersss are ready to be part of the Festival
*say hey Captain*

Have you seen this before?

Let's have a little game of guess, where do you think this place is??

Back to 22nd of December, it is Chinese Tong Yun Day.
It means the Winter has finally started and in few months time, it is Chinese new year.
It is much meaningful than Chinese new year itself, according to my mom.

This round round balls are what we ate = Tong yun
there are some with Sesame paste, Red bean paste; but these in the picture are merely made of Glutinous rice flour

As for today, I skipped lecture again >.<
New colour, new look, Chubbier hitoMi ^^

Merry christmas everybody!!

I am going to clubbing, hopefully the plan works
*pray hard*

Dec 22, 2009

merry Christmas everybody

this is My first time creating stuff like this
Hope you guys like it ToO

Though I am a business student, I shall prove to you, I am not that NOob kay...
Trust me, One day, I will be Good

xMas countdown : 3days

Dec 21, 2009

Desa Park City Waterfront Lake View

WooHoo, finally My ACCA exams have ended!!
it means the MISERY was over~~~
NOw it is time for some planning for Christmas eve and new year eve partiesSssss

Shall we lay our back to the coziness of the Sofa, and enjoy the Serenity of the Night??

Hope you Guys enjoy it.

It is a Nice place to have a night stroll, be it alone, or with your friends, or beloved.
I love it most especially when the night breeze brushes through my hair and pats my face
so much of Pampering indeed

Dec 18, 2009

sMashpop | Dylan | Nike

All i want for xMas is my two front teeth
my two front teeth
see my two front teeth!!

WE have another version here

Hee, guess you have known whose EGG is this

it is No other than mr Dylan here

I have no idea what the box is about LOL

But I gave him my support so that he can win this

*me lazy bum lazy do also*

More info at

Now it is My update
though I am sick, I was out whole day LOL

Went to Starbucks, Sungai wang to Grab my free daily brew

with my beLoved

Yes yes yes!!
it was FOC from 11am - 1pm, according to My lady
beCause it was STARBUCKS's birthday

I have got myself a LOIS jeans and Hair straightener
it is worth RM300 but I just paid RM140 for it!!
WOnder how to get such a NICE DEAL??
*ask me ask me*

Dec 15, 2009

If I am Lesbian

DISCLAIMER : This post is 18SX, for those underaged, kindly *clicky* and SHUT THIS TAB OFF

I would do this if I am a Lesbian

Too bad I am not
Good news or bad news I have no idea
HitoMi talks less about her relationship

You know why??


simply because I am Not in any!!!

Well well, have you ever kissed a Girl?
*i am asking girls who kiss girls, guys who Kiss guys*

to be frank, I did kiss a girl *hesitating and counting fingers* or maybe 2 or 3

But thank god NO thunder STRIKES me

so Here are the LISTS of potential Questions that you might ask me :


SOmething like that
Need not to know who is He, and I don't remember who is He either
so the thing is I was not really drunk but just got TIPSY

*this is the MOst TIPSY hitoMi pic I can find*

Velvet, Zouk on Halloween Night
what a coincidence I must say
this particular DRUNK Guy was in the Velvet, Zouk
but mind that IT IS NOT THE SAME DAY


just a Peck, nothing much.
Tasteless or perhaps a little ALCOHOL-filled breath

ACtually, I still have a photo in my handphone which I sorta kissed my College mate too!!
But that one, rest assured, that is really an ANGLE TWEEKED photo
*wanna see it?? fast fast comment and request*

HOw far fetch I am
I don't even think I can write so Much on this particular post
ANyway hope you guys enjoy it!!

Dec 12, 2009

Cherishing MOment

I just can't wait to have Moreeeeeee.
It shall be Done and I Promise it will.
I shall not disappoint myself and so do You.
* Note *
hitoMi will be away from my BloGGie for 3days
14 to 16 December 2009
In the meanwhile please Come here often too as I will be scheduling new posts just for You guyss
Love me moreee please...
*Clicky cliCky*

Dec 10, 2009

I need an ESCAPADE!!

please allow me to SHOUT here
I am losing my NERVE

ACCA exams will Strike me on 14 to 16 DECEMBER 2009!!!
and yet, I feel I still have TONNES more to STUFF it into my LIMITED brain

TSk tsk tsk
FREAKING random I have been

I just let to find UNPLUG my stressssss

At the same time, I am so Pathetically Struck...

It is GETTING WORSE ever since these few weeks before ACCA!!
Do you think I should claim COMPENSATION from them??!!!

I am MENTALLY tortured!!

Tested few lotions but still they don't work out...
Tried this but it don't really help...


Dec 8, 2009

dream HoMe

Have you ever wandering alone at night?
Have you ever mesmerizing at how tranquility can work its soothing magic at you?
Have you ever thought of how your dream home would be?

If you were to ask me, I will definitely say YES YES YES!!

I want a house with lotsa windows and mirrors, where I could just loOk out to the nature

I want a bar of my own stocked with lotsa different alcohols, where I could just pour a glass for myself and chill alone at the verandah

I want a swimming pool, where I could just have some random Jumping and night swimming whenever I need peace of mind

No connection
No hassle
No random ringing of Phone

That is exactly what I need.
Be it a few days, or few hours
You, the one, will know what I mean
Be it an invitation
Imma looking forward to it!!

Dec 6, 2009

when we are together

pictures speak~~~
that is what photography is all about
Depicting the story to the viewers, and share the story to MILLIONS or even GAZILLIONS of people who look at the same piece of picture.

I enjoy your company

I enjoy the topics we share

I enjoy the time we talk like nobody's business

It is good to have you, My beloved
If only we need not to get frustrated all about the STUDIES
If only we need not to talk about ACCA, EXAMS all the time

How good if we have time Just for Laugh

Dec 4, 2009

tiMeless PieCe

I have to admit that I am kinda upset when I saw my traffic has gone down for past few days.
Something must be done to undo that!!

No matter how badly I wanted to, still, I feel guilty when I actually spend more time in front of my PC instead of my books >.<

I wish I have more time

But that only makes me greedy and wanted MOREeee

Maybe it is time to get a DECENT watch.
But, do I look at them?
ah ah ah
this is the question

How Many of you do wear a watch and Keep watch of the time on and off??

Dec 2, 2009

what I did on Hari raya Qurban - 271109

*slap forehead*
I really should be studying right now OMG!!
But still, I know I have to update this

Cause Me love you guysSss so muChie
You love me too??

Being young is one thing, But mesmerizing on your childhood memories is another thing

How long you have not really watch any Disneyland animation after,take me for example, 20years?
Sadly I have not really done so.
But if some one is going to sponsor me to Disneyland, I would love to go ^^

So have you figure out where are we then??

Me & kah aNg

My grandpa LOL posing with the goal

anYone manage to guess it?

well well Even if you can't it is acceptable
*drum rollssss*
we were at SUNWAY LAGOON!!
Woot, finally I managed to utilise all 7 tickets in one go

Here we were, after whole day "patrolling " all 5 themeparksss
Got ourselves cleaned after playing with "PUBLIC" water

time was insufficient for us to Scrutinize every single area of 5themeparks
So next time Be SMART
Just buy one park or two will do
Water & normal themepark!!

Listen to hitoMi kay...
Don't act clever
*kidding kidding*

Let's proceed with soMe SS elemente!!
It has been some time I use this "SS" term again

NO matter how SS I am, still I will be one step losing

Have you seen guys doing this??

After whole day of fat burning it was time to fill Our growling tumMies


Buffet style some more, it means you CAN EAT TIL YOU DROP >.<

The tomYam soup is the BEST!! I love it man...we don't even need CHILIES

after two hours or so, finally we Swept in EVERYTHING we took

See their faces?? All full until want to faint

HitoMi wanted to faint too

See what she HAD!!

Guess what??
I think I add on weight LOL

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