Dec 31, 2008

yuMmy TOng YuN

Dong zHi was just 10 days ago. Tong Yun Tong Yun will definitely the highlight of the day!!

The early morning I woke up, I saw all these Nicely decorated yuMmy flour Ballies filled with mySterious Ingredients, and My mind just said :
"SHoot 'em shoot 'em"

I rushed to grab my camera and Shot shot shot!!

Hand itchy LoL....go and put it this way that way these ways those ways - Love the third One^^

Have a closer look - as usual, HitoMi wants to Bokeh it with my POint & Shoot

The best best best bokeh One le...

Ok some random Shoots

Roasted DUck with sesame!! Tong Yun & Fat Gou

Fruits & Oil Lamp & Tea

It is 31st of December!! Happy new Year eve to everybody^^

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