Dec 24, 2008

Xmas TreeS at Times Square

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell~~~
I want my Present here...
Look at your left look at your right...
Nothing but a Mistletoe on your head^^

Oh...this is the song I wrote for you guys - Random One okie - with the Jingle Bell tune (Please ImaGine@@)

Oh yea...finally I arrived at Times Square.
Obviously I was alone.
Therefore, I shot the Grandeur ChristMas Tree in front of the Main Entrance^^

It was great to be walking around in the shopping mall especially when Xmas is approaching^^
Not to forget the rest of the festivals as well.

Here is a closer LoOk

Xmas tree without any Decoration like these Would neVer be Attractive - Don't you agree?

Love this shot the best!! From bottom to the top. I would say the lights would Definitely a Must Must!!

Oh yea... Almost forgot - The Santa in the Sleigh - lOoks Ugly though but what I want from him is In the Sack^^

EleGant cHristmas - Yep yep it would Be!!

In front of MetroJaya there is a booth selling all these Xmas trees and decoratives. Nice to See, it does lift up my Xmas Mood!!

GOld xMas tree

Red xMas treeS

I do have xmas tree but My aunt did not want to set it up- She said Ma Fan wo!!
Haiz...So many nice decoratives some More!!

Never mind that. ANyway I have got myself attracted to the reflections in the Xmas Balls>>>

Just that it was not that smooth and got scratched here and there

It is Me

CheeSe - All I want for Xmas is My two Front Teeth^^

Merry Xmas to all of you guys!!
I love christmas - I wish this year's Xmas to be Super FUn!!

*A lil update:: I just set up xMas tree at my Cousin's house last SunDay - Must say It is FUn but hiTomi is siCk. ShoW you My xMas tree neXt time^^*

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