Dec 25, 2008

when xMas eVe tuRns bad

It is Christmas!! Officially yea...because it is past 12am.

Just a brief update on my xMas eve

  • I had a bad premonition on Eve's Morning - so strong that it almost rendered me not to go Sunway at all.
  • Initially I was pretty proud of my Own achievement for driving to Sunway Pyramid all by Myself, based on what My dad previously Told me while we went to Puchong and rough Idea.
  • I went there early, ended up being alone for two hours and had My Java Chip at starBucks.
  • Was rather bored with what my friend said. Wasn't listening attentively, acted rather obvious, whether he knew it or not.
  • Went for Lunch after Java Chip. Had Fish & Chip at Fig & Olive. Super Full!!
  • Ice skated for 3 hours plus. Supposedly to be earlier but ended up was kind of stuck up with subsequent events arose.
  • Was led and left alone most of the time. Regretted for not asking more friends to join.
  • Was banged by Myvi. My car was scratched. Was asked to pay initially but luckily my dad talked it out. It wasn't really my fault. Half of my car had swerved into the main path with signal but the girl still Banged me. My dad said me stupid. How could I not taking down the car plate and etc etc.
  • The accident proved that my sense is just so RIGHT. Was wondering if I could have reached home safely.
  • My dinner was just a cup of Vico.
That concludes my Update. That explains why My mooD was not good.
Right now I am not really happy. xMas with PMS (sad~~~)

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