Dec 26, 2008

upDate on xMas

Oh yea...I am having bloody xMas...
NOt much of surprise, but much to my uncomfortable sensation

xMas was just yesterday.
I went to Ridgewood, Desa Park City to have dinner with my cousin's house.
Sorry for delaying the post. Will be posted in January^^

Nothing much in the morning, afternoon. I was just watching drama and hanging around here and there. I really don't like the way my mom and aunt always like scream at us whenever we didn't do anything. Oh please, not that we won't do. Just later OKIE...

Anyway, it is useless to tell them. They will always think they are right right right!!

I spent my xMas idling, then at night we went for dinner.
Watched transformer and Epic Movie there. Epic MOvie is damn funny!!
Nothing special. Was rather an escape but hardly a silent one.

*WTF WCL 9987 Red Kembara Chinese Boy - Your license Buang Saje ke Laut - WTH you think you are doing?! Banged me while I parked my car so DAMNNNNN nice!! some MOre banged another MOtorcycle. You better don't let me see your car, if not you Kena from me %$#@##*

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