Dec 28, 2008

sTarBucks time

Ya ya...starbucks starbucks. It was my second visit but officially the first time I was sitting in Starbucks and getting My Financial Management Coursework DOne.

The table is definitely too Small for two of us, Charis & I, after putting all Public Bank Group Annual Reports, Financial Management Study Texts and later on, a Lappie.

Wi-Fi is not working on this Lappie and this Lappie is not a Typical One...It used to run without hard disk and etc etc...Only the Owner can explain that.

The oWner left it with us after his Lunch hours and Came back after working hours with this - Wakaka...a brand new Hard Disk

Seriously was having super super Hard Time to fiddle with the lappie..haiya...who ask the Owner left it untreated until now...

Nah...the owner is In the house

On the left, Of course...Oops..chopped his face

Okok...a full face One...walao so Damn chubby - the One at the left, namely Mr ChrisTopher Tock. But now he said his new hairstyle not Chun wo...but I think super Yeng & young!!

Here you go, Charis & HitoMi

Look tanner than her though. WHy ar??

My brain was not effective at all...It was all stucked up and exasperation was all I felt. Argh...everything was not working out FINE!!

That explains why There are so many shots around.

Pretending to be hardworking LOL

P_o_s_i_n_g with Starbucks^^

Bokeh Starbucks Cup

Oo...special bo?

Interior design

Now that everything almost comes to an end. At least it seems to be.
I wish it will be a brand new year with brand new start - Yea, it will definitely be^^

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