Dec 27, 2008

Shopping Self Shoot

After self shoot at Home, shoot around the xMas tree in Times Square, here I am - in the fitting room of Romp

What I do? What else if not try out?
I wanted to get myself a new skirt because old ones are all too tight and one is way too long.

Remember what I wear that particular morning??? Should have knew it yea!! That forms my two posts OK!!

I wanna try the skirts but I must grab a shirt as well - you know why right? I realise I did not shoot the rest other than this skirt and jacket.

I would say the jacket is Special...but I did not buy it

Coz it shows my Tummy!!

But you can't see it - coz I hide it^^

The skirt I bought - tried with the Jacket as well

Small size - Crazy!!

Although I can fit in, I get myself M size - haha...who knows My tummy grows bigger^^ Anyway it is low waist One ok!!

Another try out on the Silvery pant - Super super Tight - I hardly breathe - Just try to see if it is nice

Wakaka...Ok. Too sexY eh?! As Mr Christopher Commented on.

Well..I do have tuMmy ok!! Just that I hide it - Perfectly Done~!
Wanna learn?? call me Si Fu first - Kidding La!!


  1. yoyoyo! ur socks so cute wan?

  2. apa see my socks for what???

  3. I can't hide my tummy even if I learn. LOL.

  4. cause your socks most noticable hahaha!

    eh i wan learn how to suck in stomache!

  5. to Simon Seow

    Whoa...serious bo??? I believe you can if you diet first LOL

    to SPinzer

    Noticeable eh????next time wear cuter one.. This one is bear bear socks LOL

    You no need learn diet first


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