Dec 25, 2008

Self Shoot before Heading to Times Square - Part I

Ohayo Gozaimasu, Watashiwa Hitomi GOsetsuke des.

Do allow me to Spam my blog with all my Self Shoots again LOL...It has been quite a Mood to do so lately.
HoW coMe? I also Don't know.

It was Thursday, a day without College. *Ehem ehem* Actually is I always skip this lecture on Thursdays. Wakaka...we have one Urgent assignment on hand need to be DONE next week.

Charis was pretty worried, so do I. Gosh...I was really lack of inspiration and Ohm to do assignment. *Slap my forehead* Headache. So we decided to meet up at Times Square to discuss and do it ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

Before departing from my house, all the preparation goes to dressing up and I actually took up my breakfast time just for...for...for...*Ehem* self shoot>>>

Ok ok...all of these with Victory sign^^ Obviously was acting Cute..Hontoh Ni??


Who says Blur picture is Not nice?? I say this one ROCKS ok!! Super VAIN

Change face now - Now is Super Lady-like

Change face again - Acting Cool

Nah...Bit innocent already...

Coming Next : More and MOre self Shoot~!

*it is xMas!! how you celebrate??*

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