Dec 3, 2008

SBS Mystiquel Night 2008 Committees Photoshoot

SBS Mystiquel Night 2008 was an event, organized by Student Welfare Committees (which I used to be one of them) in Tunku Abdul Rahman College on 23th of November, 2008.

Although I did not attend the night, it did not mean that I did not support them. Just that I was too bored with my college's event - just so lack of interaction between the audiences.

Don't ask me why. It is just our college style of working out event, I guess.

Back to the Photoshoot. It was the usual thing that event committees would do. What else besides getting sponsors??

Committees Photoshoot is sponsored, undeniably. Free hairdos and free photoshooting session.

And here is Mr Yee Kang, who was so obligedly to take pictures. He was obviously busy contacting those committees, who had not appeared.

Being corny-testurized (erm...not sure how is it called in English but instead of straighten it, it burns your hair to something zig-zag-ly)

The hairdo sponsor is Zing hair studio. (Erm...sounds so promoter-like...)
I was there practically to Ke Po. Haha...I was neither the committee nor helper (Hate to be helper - I swear I won't be helper for any college event anymore!!)

Enough of digression (Learnt this word from Christopher)

Show you my Kakiis again>>>

Bong Yang - Sounds so korean - In fact he is Purely Malaysian

The hair dressers - YuP@@two of them - Gave him this Punk look!!

SO cool can die LOL...that is not the final outcome though

Spot any difference?? Haha...let me tell yea!! He added 5 bucks for the silvery shade - Look old, don't ya think so?

At one point of the time, he pretended to be L in the Death Note LOL...somehow there is slight similarity...

Me beside Yang - so short...Guess what - that's the shirt he is wearing for photoshoot...Not formal like others.

Another kakiis, Jeffrey>>>

Eee...what a look - Before hairdo

After hairdo - same like Yang - he added the white shade...Now I know colour spray not nice!!

Add some more pulak...cause not that obvious

This one is random, *racking my head again thinking who is he*

Somebody help me please!! Anyway, he looks so prince-like that day^^

I went off earlier before they start shooting. Hehe...gotta go for work yea, as usual!!

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