Dec 5, 2008

Right Here, Right Now

You definitely come across this song but this is not what I want to blog today.

And yea, my friend sent me this: " Looking at you, and my heart loves the view, cause you mean everything....Right here right now..."
I was like " funny..."

But at the moment I saw this it was 5.30 am and what was happening was totally dumbstrucking me...Ish...

It was a nightmare I tell you. This is not the first time I experienced this.
My neighborhood was ON FIRE.

Gosh...the previous time was just next door to Mine. This time was Next Next door!!!

My dad was the first one rushing out the house, my mom followed, then my aunt was eventually awoke by the chao. So did I. She was the one freaking out, busy packing know la...emergency.

At the point of time, I was thinking should I capture this with my camera - thinking twice, thrice, whatsoever.

It was pretty bad if you were there shooting while not helping. So I did it with my handphone VGA camera.

All the neighours rushed out their houses and could not bear to miss out any LIVE EVENT going on - oh yea!! I am being sarcasm - do excuse me.

But glad that the fire brigade had arrived shortly. The fire was burning mercilessly, swallowing anything that came across its path. The shop house was gone, especially the upper level because it as made of wood.

Pity the owner, whom is a car technician.

The dog was barking furiously and nearly got Cooked by the heat. Luckily no one was in the shop house.

It was a tragedy that no one would ever want it to happen to themselves. So do be alert and careful.

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