Dec 29, 2008

Lepaq Performing Arts Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

Erm...when was it?? Let me Think...should be 30th November 2008, Sunday.

Sunday sunday - No working day for Me^^ Most of the time was spent at Home, self studying. Just wonder why it would not be as effective as it is at nights. La la la~~~

Anyway, my heart was pretty enthusiastic about outing at Night. WHat to do?? hitoMi is practically suffering from Curfew and have got herself to Go out at night!!

I drove all the way to One Utama. Went through Kepong Highway. Surprisingly was Super Jam.

FYI it is a Park on my left. OMG WTH those people simply parked their cars at the roadside and stucking UP the whole highway.

Finally it resided. Was pretty satisfying that I have got myself these Shots^^

It was simply GorGeous OMG OMG!!

Reached One Utama, slightly late. Never mind that because the One I would be meeting was not Early though.

Who is the One?? remeMber the Owner of the Slightly abnormal Lappie??
Yea is Him. What's his Name again??? Start with C, ends with R - his Blog

It was my first time Meeting him. Kinda shocked when I saw him LOL...coz I thought he would be slightly taller.

This fella bought Sushi and that was our Dinner for the night. Hungry sei Me!!
What to do...Must help him diet diet!!

Nice Singing session we had LOL...will remember that^^
By the time we reached Lepaq was late. Aiya...unintentionally One!! coz don't know the exact location@@

Lepaq Performing Arts Cafe Platform

Nice Lepaq + Nice spot light + Nice sound system

Performances had started earlier. The reason why I came here because My friend was performing. Neh...the one playing the keyboard, namely Kishern. Although he is classically trained, he seems to cope well with Jazz.

Good JOb^^ and he gets good pay for performing though

Must say the Cafe is not big enough. Hardly fill in 50 people.

Aha...interaction here

As usual, hitoMi would peep around.

Do you see what I see?? I was pretty shocked when I saw this

Love the lights

KaWaii Des

Practically I was being punished for being late by standing for most of the time until Kishern had done performing.

Thanks Kishern^^

Must say the performance was pretty good. Was even amazed by the guest performance of this particular Malay girl. Her vocal is superb!! Judge it by urself.

By the time we went back, it was 11++. I wish I can stay longer but too bad I Have to get back before 12. Thanks to cHristoPher for driving me to Desa Sri Hartamas. Now I know how to go already^^

Oops...before we left, we took this Heineken tower outside Souled Out. NIce le???
Someday I will visit Souled OUt - that's for sure!!

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