Dec 23, 2008

KakiiS Nite Out, EuPhoRia - Part VIII

After all these seven posts UP, i think it would be fairly adequate for Me to finalise the Kakiis Nite out event.

I have met another SS friend, named Chee Kuan

Nice to SS with her. So co-operative^^ She is only 16!! Good gracious^^

Komente!! My camera always Like that - Grrr....Need better One for sure^^

Besides Chee Kuan, I have got the chance to know Adelina, her Boyfriend, Keng Fai, also the elder brother of chee Kuan.
Surprisingly, they are PJ ppl. Easy to Meet up Someday^^

Aha, almost forgot, Shien Yang whose Team shot us Dead Kao kao in Kakiis Tembak - lose until NO pant wei....

After everything ended, we hung around the dance floor until we were being chased away. Then we stalked around the corridor, chit-chatting. We had some Shoots here and there, on and off...

Sorry for making Kishern & ChristoPher waiting for us. They went to the hotel & listened to Jazz O.o without Me...

This was Taken before we left to Pick up our car^^ Shit...why M is being covered@@
But I love the pose & thanks to ChriStoPher again

xMas tree again!! Will I be in Sunway on xMas itself???

Overall the event was really fun!! Although we didn't manage to win anything, it would be suffice If, If, If, If, only we were bloated @@ Haiz....what a Bad experience

And one more thing they only gave you two FOC draft beer coupons, while I expect something better like Cocktail.
Haiz...what to do?! It is FOC, but hopefully Kakiis Dot Com Committee, will work it out better next time^^

Ipod Nano - GoNe ;
Nintendo Wii - GoNe ;
Apple Mac Book - GoNe ;
16GB pendrive - One ;
tuMmy - EmpTy

Anyway, the very first thing we did after the Event was to Fill our Tummies^^

ChristoPher brought us to Ming Tian at Sunway, which according to Him, Not bad puNya...

We had satays, cheoNg Fun with Prawn inside, thaI tong Fun, Pork Rice, Kuey Teow, O jian

Among all of these, I love the satays & cheOng fun.

You know the Thai Tong Fun superrrrrrrr Sucks!!

Even outside My college that hawker stall cooks better Thai TOng fun than Them...WTF
Some More so pricey 5bucks - CLose store Saje!!

Kishern & My brother - too Busy filling In their tuMmies while ChrisTopHer too free to take pictures - Eh?

I didn't finish my TOng Fun & exhanged with ChriStopHer for the chEong Fun ^^ YuM yuM

Tong FUn untouched - can thRow!!

I know ChriStoPher's Mission was AccomPLished!! as he fed us with Lotsa food.

Nah...what you want???

Again, I want to say "Arigato Gozaimasu" to the Driver^^ liKe to be PamPered

Kakiis. Com - Better Have a better treat for Me yea!!
If not habis lah...


  1. mission accomplished!!

  2. Oh yea...mission Accomplished and yet I am still weighed the same LOL


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