Dec 21, 2008

KakiiS Nite Out, EuPhoRia - Part VI

KomenTe Komente!!
This is mY sixth Post on Kakiis Nite Out at Euphoria on 13th of December.
Hope you enjoy reading them, as if you were there, like ME!!!

I always Love this Kind of events for Bloggers - But then I did not really know them through Events. Aiz...

Ok ok. After some performances by BUNKFACE and BREAK B'BOYS, there were some Game sessions for Us for were There at the Night itself.

VEry first was the Long-winDed game

Here are our Contestants - all they Gotta do is Shout Kakiis Dot Com and HOLD ON the Commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Haha...Crazy One...this Girl here, named Jen, she held her breath for 25seconds!!

See her face you know how Geng she is la...and she Walked herself back with 16GB pendrive from Pendrive LOL (Worth RM90 at PC fair wo...)

it followed by a short break, and Here came the AUNTY MABLES' performances. Don't know who they are and don't know what they sang...@@

You know WHy?? Coz busy Self Shoot Kao Kao Ma^^

Without further delay, here came the Dancing game.

VictiMs were Down there listening attentively to DJ SteVe clarifying the Game...One of them is My Brother - he Tak saBar sabar ran all the way Down to win himself a 16GB pendrive!!

There he went, and see what he had got himself

AS what he Wanted...Though it is a consolation prize

Seriously I was StunNed after seeing what My Brother Did just for the 16 GB Pendrive, you know!! I was like "is that My brother???"

But it ain't come easy. After first round of elimination, he had to get himself another round of Dance.

You have to get yourself a partner to Dance with this time...

Some Bloggers

CopyKate & Hikaru

KY & Pinky Tang from Nuffnang

Pity My brother, No one downstairs wanNa dance with Him...but Never mind now that he has got His pendrive *smirk*

Preview of KakiiS Nite Out - Part VII
Videos Videos and Videos!! DOn't Miss out yea^^

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