Dec 20, 2008

KakiiS Nite Out, EuPhoRia - Part V

NoRmally Events come with Performances, Kakiis Nite out is not excluded either.

Here were Break B'Boys out at the DanCe floor Before the Games started

two Gangs were Acting like they VS with each Others. The Phones Kept rinGing while DanCing - when tHey picked up means Time to change Gang LOL

oOps...with Flash, which I was not Intended to ON. Too strikiNg!!

After Games, I went to LadieS again. Beh Tahan wei!!

Self Shoot again. This Toilet has no Mirror - guess HOw I capture??

SinGing CiLiLILI...Haha...Nice jacket with Devil Hood, owned by the Lead singer in BUNKFACE^^ [ My camera ]

Saw the grey shirt Guy?? He was the Victim of BUNKFACE - Sing CILILILI NOw!!

ChriStopHer's Camera - PaNasoNic LiNux seMi pro - Damn Chun when Shooting Low light situations!! ]

All these following photos belong to ChrisTopher>>>

Break B'Boys on the GO again!! Eh...COme back la...

Yeng wei!! His legs never touch the ground for like 1Minute??

All the DSLRs down there Shooting Kao kAo!!

While we, humble Ones, self shoots Kao kAo^^

WatashiWa hiTomi des...Borrowing the Light from SoMewhere

Definitely, this was Dark because we were not facing the Light - MysteRious eh??

Nah...turn around - that's Better - why ChrisTopHer looked so Old here?! two shots More...

With my Bro at the Background & Flash ON...

Preview of Kakiis Nite Out - Part VI
Ish Ish Ish...I forGot again...Never Mind la...You just Need to drop BY the neXt day to Check it OUt!!

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