Dec 19, 2008

KakiiS Nite Out, EuPhoRia - Part IV

It wasn't that long when KisHern gave me a Call saying that The briefing had started.
Then I rushed all the way UP the first floor.

As usual, rules and regulations were TOld. Play Fair, Win Fair, Die Fair.
Then we were told to finish all the 10 games before 8.30pm, which was the time for Redemption of FootPrints

My brother was SuPer enthusiastic when He Heard of the PSP & NinTenDo Wii if we Manage to win.
He didn't let us Eat...Haiz...Tell you later what had Happened!!

The first GaMe: KakiiS BoToL

What you Gotta do is Roll the COCONUT to those Bottles & it is Something like BowLing...
I scored 6 of tHem^^

The Second Game: Kakiis Syok
*No picture*
You Have to grab those PING PONG with alphabets to Form "KAKIIS" but the trick is yOU will get ShoCKed if you touch the wires.

The third Game: Kakiis MakaN anGIn

LakuNya - eVeryBody mau Makan Angin Kut!!

Have to Wear Goggles Some More!! You gotta GO in the Box and grab those Kakiis papers in TORNADO!! NOt easy - freaking Hard!!
We scored the Least footPrints for This.

The fourth Game: Kakiis BoLa

Can see the Green tables over there??

Never Mind, let's ZooM

Now you see..Like Normal one. Who first scores the 5th Goal who win. We lose=.=

Kakiis sPeeD is a Game where you have to communicate to the blindfolded team mate to fix puzzle into the big Cube - we were pretty FAST!!
Kakiis Wii is TenNis game. We lost. I always OUt when Comes to left hand.
Kakiis Tembak - Die super Fast...
Kakiis Chill - Form "KAKIIS with pebbles from Ice water; the trick is use LEG only~!
Kakiis IQ - Form words from A D U L T S
Kakiis x - treMe - Ish...luckily didn't Get the Black Box with Worms!! we had the Eels...Super Squeezy!!

By the time we finished everything, we thought of filling our Tummies!! MaNA tau Sudah Habis Makanan!!
Shit betul - that's mY first time to such Event and Kena STARVED TO DEAD

the Only thing I did was drank half a cup of COke (Super Sweet!!) and a Draft Carlsberg (2FOC but I drank One only...)

KisHern also Super sad when He knew he was left with Nothing to eat @@

Really HuNgry...ChrisTopHer tau Makan senDiri Nia~!! Didn't even FeED US!!
The oNly thing to do was Standing there LOOk here and There, since the Redemption time had not lapsed.

Dark Surrounding, like NOrmal clubs

But One thing I like about EuPhoRia is it is a NON SMOKING CLUB!! Love the Idea -Salute the Rule Creator!!
Oh yea...It was mY viRgin visit to MOS^^

This is RObb Chew from Nuffnang...

He don't know Me, but I know him. Elek...

Nah...this is Silly ChristoPher with Yee Hou (On the left)

All photos in This post belong to ChristOpher, koNon koNon hitoMi was too Busy playing and ENDED UP STARVING!!! #@#$@##

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