Dec 18, 2008

KakiiS Nite Out, EuPhoRia - Part III

It was Dark, walk with Care^^

HiToMi: Do you wanNa foLLow me, Kishern?? Since we had to Wait don't know HOw long..
KisHern: Nope

That was his Lonely Figure, Mesmerizing around and Could not Help resisTing the temptation to Try out the DruM set!!


Taken This ouTsiDE first FloOr enTranCe

SaMe oBject but Different Shade!! I ChanGed them^^ (Crap!! NoTice SomeThing??)

LoCeNg oh!! obViously it is the Light

MerrY xMas everyBody!!

Show You sOmething Funny



Super Love Mirror this HiToMi!! Yea yea...I admit I am.

TryiNg out the OutCome

CheCked - PoSe Girl!!

Close UP shot - LC nya...(Paiseh paiseh)

Another Shot - that's Much More Like it^^

Oo...KawAii Ne!! Love the toiLet deSign!!

Preview of KakiiS Nite Out, EuPhoRia - Part III
Oops...ForGot!! SuMiMasen...

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