Dec 16, 2008

KakiiS Nite Out, EuPhoRia - Part I

Eee...Everybody has started posting About the Event!! I don't wanna Miss out either^^

Kakiis Nite Out is an event for aLLLLL the KakiiS from to Get the ChanCe to be CONNECTED (erm...erm...Yea la...what are you thinking!! OKok...*self slap* OUch!!)

As I was one of the participants of the "A moment with Kakiis" for both photo and Video category, I was entitled to the opportunity to bring two of my Kakiis along^^ (La la la...)

I was having Hard time finding Two kakiis and ended up Everything was SO out of plan - My Mom nearly Forbid me to GO!! Luckily my Brother followed, My SaviOrrrrr~~~~

Okok...Stop Ngam Cham liao.
Show you GUys mY photos First... LOL

TaDA!! FuLLy dressed Up

What are you Looking at HUh??


Top - Checked ; Skirt - Checked ; Accessories - Checked ; Hair - Checked ; Make up - NO CHECK!!
NO make Up okie!!

Pretending COoL...

Due to Time constraint and disturbances arose, I failed to self shoot More.
Haha...who ask ChristopHer tak tau Come my house and Ended up Missing In SeLayanG lol...

It was Raining when He finally arrived at mY door step *Thanks for Being My Driver Yea!! A BiG smooCh for yOu*

You know, this ChristoPher said he don't know how to Go Sunway from Jln Kuching, then He drove us around Cheras, then soMewhere Which I have no Idea where we were at that time.

BUT luckily we arrived safely^^
That's the Point!!

After parked his car, then we headed to EuPhoRia with Bus 11. By the time, the Line was so So So so Long. NO choice, have to Queue up lo, I am Civilian!!

Photo Taken By ChristoPher

A little Drama before we Entered EupHoria>>>
There were 4 of us, BUt I only can bring 2, which totals up 3, including HitoMi. Luckily ChrisTopher friend friend with Robb, then MasuK lah dia!!
Thank Goodness those below 18 were Allowed to Enter~~ Cause my Brother is just 17!!

Preview of KakiiS Nite Out, EuPhoRia - Part II

DanCe FloOr

KakiiS Dot Com!!


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    how come so short one your post? :)

  2. Aiya...haven finished!!

    More to Come...come everyday to see those Posts yea!! Help me Click click my ads too la!!

    Kan I am promoting for Kakiis


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