Dec 12, 2008

Fish & Co, One Utama

Oops...another delayed post.
Sorry guys...Too many things to be posted, I would say.

Pity me, was having lunch alone at One Utama before I went for my interview at KPMG with formal attire.

And here was where I went to fulfill my craving for Food.

Heard from Luke that this is not bad, so that's why I was here to try out^^

What I had for lunch then?? will know, real real soon.
Let's look around, as usual.

Unintended to shoot her,of course. ANyway, the Malay girl is pretty.

Big fishy on the wall - This time you are DEAD!!

Their slogan>>>

Eh, over confident, don't you feel so??

Own website - checked ; Branches - checked

Waited for quite some time before I was being served with Hot, Steaming food. SO I shot this and that, that and this.

Pepper & Salt - It spices up your dish

Mayonnaise & Chili Sauce - GiMme more please??

My drink, so called InsomNia Maniac?! (Erm...forgot what it is called but Nice!!)

Wanna have a slurp??

Cream cream cream!!

By the time I almost finished my drink, only then, my fish & chips was served. Yea yea...finally.

Lemon sauce - I wish I have more - Should have ordered New York Fish & Chip but never Mind, this DOES AS GOOD!!

Best served when HOt & Crispy!!


  1. Hi.. how was the interview?
    I will be going there on next monday! Scare ler...
    Do share with me..

  2. Chill Chill
    Everything is not that scary though

    They will give you two assessments to do. One is based on calculations. Another one is understanding of passages.

    Then finally they will ask you to write an essay of easy questions, like what is the biggest decision you have made in your life and how it impacts you

    Anyway, all the best yea!!


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