Dec 14, 2008

DO allow Me to do this

Right here at this time, this place,
My heart does not feel the way it should be
What on earth all these happening
I have totally fed up with it

I wish to have a Break Out
Break Out to somewhere I can enjoy
If only there is a chance
I would just take it

I feel so wanted to cry
And yet I try so hard to surpress it

I do not ever want anyone to know
I do not ever want anyone to see or hear
For I, hope to be strong by all means
And yet, I failed.

Am I just over sensitive
Am I just over emotional
Am I just want more than what I ought to get
Tell me, what On earth is this all about

I seriously need a BREAK OUT
A long one, which I hope it can be
Christmas is near yet I feel nothing
I hate this feeling
I hate hate hate hate hate

*sorry for the emotional part*

::Brief update on Kakiis Nite Out, 13th December 2008::

I was starving the whole night.
Sharks...what on earth!! Why I don't know the Food will only be served at specified time??
Will be updated Soon...


  1. hiya,

    rycque, co-founder of here. sorry you were starving. :P heard that comment quite a bit. I've told them team to make sure everyone goes back bloated at the next event.

    Anyways, thanks for attending ya! Hope you and your kakiis had as much fun there as we did organizing it. See ya all on and thanks again! :)

  2. Hi rycque, you are definitely efficient.

    It was indeed a pretty bad experience. Sad~~

    Thanks for your concern yea!!

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM

    hey Rycque, you damm efficient man. :) haha anyway yeah, i am taking note of the food too. Hope it does not look bad on me.. or else no bonus this year..gagaga

  4. Chitty are the committee of Kakiis is it?? are not efficient as compared to Rycque


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