Dec 8, 2008

DIY Polished NaiLs

More and more about myself?? LOL...biasa lah.

Today I wanna show you my Long Polished Nails *Self-admiring it as I always do*
It is shorter now but what I am going to show you is
"Once Upon A Time one"

was Just too boring reading my study text - this explains why I so free to do all these??

This blue is the new shade I bought it. haha, with the Pearl white - Simply gorgeous LOL..

It is DIY le...haha...How to grow long nails??

Let me teach you - you might try - trim your tip once a week so that it can strengthen your nails. Then apply some nail enamels as well..

I used to have fragile nails too. It is not a problem. You will be amazed how it has been strengthen by then.

So girls....Go ahead. Don't spread that I am a piano teacher with Long nails yea!!!

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