Dec 31, 2008

yuMmy TOng YuN

Dong zHi was just 10 days ago. Tong Yun Tong Yun will definitely the highlight of the day!!

The early morning I woke up, I saw all these Nicely decorated yuMmy flour Ballies filled with mySterious Ingredients, and My mind just said :
"SHoot 'em shoot 'em"

I rushed to grab my camera and Shot shot shot!!

Hand itchy LoL....go and put it this way that way these ways those ways - Love the third One^^

Have a closer look - as usual, HitoMi wants to Bokeh it with my POint & Shoot

The best best best bokeh One le...

Ok some random Shoots

Roasted DUck with sesame!! Tong Yun & Fat Gou

Fruits & Oil Lamp & Tea

It is 31st of December!! Happy new Year eve to everybody^^

Dec 30, 2008

ICOM Fridays' Final Performance

7th November 2008

I know it was way too long. But it is still 2008, at least^^

It was the last fridays' performance by ICOM ( International College of Music ), which is located at Jalan Pahang.

Thanks to Kishern for inviting me over. It was my first time meeting him too^^ Since he is from JB.

Enjoy the videos I have captured...

would say Jazz is way way better than Classical...If only I can master Jazz LOL

Dec 29, 2008

Lepaq Performing Arts Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

Erm...when was it?? Let me Think...should be 30th November 2008, Sunday.

Sunday sunday - No working day for Me^^ Most of the time was spent at Home, self studying. Just wonder why it would not be as effective as it is at nights. La la la~~~

Anyway, my heart was pretty enthusiastic about outing at Night. WHat to do?? hitoMi is practically suffering from Curfew and have got herself to Go out at night!!

I drove all the way to One Utama. Went through Kepong Highway. Surprisingly was Super Jam.

FYI it is a Park on my left. OMG WTH those people simply parked their cars at the roadside and stucking UP the whole highway.

Finally it resided. Was pretty satisfying that I have got myself these Shots^^

It was simply GorGeous OMG OMG!!

Reached One Utama, slightly late. Never mind that because the One I would be meeting was not Early though.

Who is the One?? remeMber the Owner of the Slightly abnormal Lappie??
Yea is Him. What's his Name again??? Start with C, ends with R - his Blog

It was my first time Meeting him. Kinda shocked when I saw him LOL...coz I thought he would be slightly taller.

This fella bought Sushi and that was our Dinner for the night. Hungry sei Me!!
What to do...Must help him diet diet!!

Nice Singing session we had LOL...will remember that^^
By the time we reached Lepaq was late. Aiya...unintentionally One!! coz don't know the exact location@@

Lepaq Performing Arts Cafe Platform

Nice Lepaq + Nice spot light + Nice sound system

Performances had started earlier. The reason why I came here because My friend was performing. Neh...the one playing the keyboard, namely Kishern. Although he is classically trained, he seems to cope well with Jazz.

Good JOb^^ and he gets good pay for performing though

Must say the Cafe is not big enough. Hardly fill in 50 people.

Aha...interaction here

As usual, hitoMi would peep around.

Do you see what I see?? I was pretty shocked when I saw this

Love the lights

KaWaii Des

Practically I was being punished for being late by standing for most of the time until Kishern had done performing.

Thanks Kishern^^

Must say the performance was pretty good. Was even amazed by the guest performance of this particular Malay girl. Her vocal is superb!! Judge it by urself.

By the time we went back, it was 11++. I wish I can stay longer but too bad I Have to get back before 12. Thanks to cHristoPher for driving me to Desa Sri Hartamas. Now I know how to go already^^

Oops...before we left, we took this Heineken tower outside Souled Out. NIce le???
Someday I will visit Souled OUt - that's for sure!!

Dec 28, 2008

sTarBucks time

Ya ya...starbucks starbucks. It was my second visit but officially the first time I was sitting in Starbucks and getting My Financial Management Coursework DOne.

The table is definitely too Small for two of us, Charis & I, after putting all Public Bank Group Annual Reports, Financial Management Study Texts and later on, a Lappie.

Wi-Fi is not working on this Lappie and this Lappie is not a Typical One...It used to run without hard disk and etc etc...Only the Owner can explain that.

The oWner left it with us after his Lunch hours and Came back after working hours with this - Wakaka...a brand new Hard Disk

Seriously was having super super Hard Time to fiddle with the lappie..haiya...who ask the Owner left it untreated until now...

Nah...the owner is In the house

On the left, Of course...Oops..chopped his face

Okok...a full face One...walao so Damn chubby - the One at the left, namely Mr ChrisTopher Tock. But now he said his new hairstyle not Chun wo...but I think super Yeng & young!!

Here you go, Charis & HitoMi

Look tanner than her though. WHy ar??

My brain was not effective at all...It was all stucked up and exasperation was all I felt. Argh...everything was not working out FINE!!

That explains why There are so many shots around.

Pretending to be hardworking LOL

P_o_s_i_n_g with Starbucks^^

Bokeh Starbucks Cup

Oo...special bo?

Interior design

Now that everything almost comes to an end. At least it seems to be.
I wish it will be a brand new year with brand new start - Yea, it will definitely be^^

Dec 27, 2008

Shopping Self Shoot

After self shoot at Home, shoot around the xMas tree in Times Square, here I am - in the fitting room of Romp

What I do? What else if not try out?
I wanted to get myself a new skirt because old ones are all too tight and one is way too long.

Remember what I wear that particular morning??? Should have knew it yea!! That forms my two posts OK!!

I wanna try the skirts but I must grab a shirt as well - you know why right? I realise I did not shoot the rest other than this skirt and jacket.

I would say the jacket is Special...but I did not buy it

Coz it shows my Tummy!!

But you can't see it - coz I hide it^^

The skirt I bought - tried with the Jacket as well

Small size - Crazy!!

Although I can fit in, I get myself M size - haha...who knows My tummy grows bigger^^ Anyway it is low waist One ok!!

Another try out on the Silvery pant - Super super Tight - I hardly breathe - Just try to see if it is nice

Wakaka...Ok. Too sexY eh?! As Mr Christopher Commented on.

Well..I do have tuMmy ok!! Just that I hide it - Perfectly Done~!
Wanna learn?? call me Si Fu first - Kidding La!!

Dec 26, 2008

upDate on xMas

Oh yea...I am having bloody xMas...
NOt much of surprise, but much to my uncomfortable sensation

xMas was just yesterday.
I went to Ridgewood, Desa Park City to have dinner with my cousin's house.
Sorry for delaying the post. Will be posted in January^^

Nothing much in the morning, afternoon. I was just watching drama and hanging around here and there. I really don't like the way my mom and aunt always like scream at us whenever we didn't do anything. Oh please, not that we won't do. Just later OKIE...

Anyway, it is useless to tell them. They will always think they are right right right!!

I spent my xMas idling, then at night we went for dinner.
Watched transformer and Epic Movie there. Epic MOvie is damn funny!!
Nothing special. Was rather an escape but hardly a silent one.

*WTF WCL 9987 Red Kembara Chinese Boy - Your license Buang Saje ke Laut - WTH you think you are doing?! Banged me while I parked my car so DAMNNNNN nice!! some MOre banged another MOtorcycle. You better don't let me see your car, if not you Kena from me %$#@##*

Self Shoot before Heading to Times Square - Part II

Please Please Please bear with me!!

Can can??

Gosh...I did not put any make up ok...just my eyes seemed to be eye-lined

I love this Wei!! SO magazine Like

This One is the Best VAIN picture ever!!

Most Kawaii Neh!!

Shhh...don't tell anyone that I had self shoot crazily until I almost skipped my Breakfast OK!!

Better Go out now...if Not i will Be super LATE!!

Dec 25, 2008

Self Shoot before Heading to Times Square - Part I

Ohayo Gozaimasu, Watashiwa Hitomi GOsetsuke des.

Do allow me to Spam my blog with all my Self Shoots again LOL...It has been quite a Mood to do so lately.
HoW coMe? I also Don't know.

It was Thursday, a day without College. *Ehem ehem* Actually is I always skip this lecture on Thursdays. Wakaka...we have one Urgent assignment on hand need to be DONE next week.

Charis was pretty worried, so do I. Gosh...I was really lack of inspiration and Ohm to do assignment. *Slap my forehead* Headache. So we decided to meet up at Times Square to discuss and do it ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

Before departing from my house, all the preparation goes to dressing up and I actually took up my breakfast time just for...for...for...*Ehem* self shoot>>>

Ok ok...all of these with Victory sign^^ Obviously was acting Cute..Hontoh Ni??


Who says Blur picture is Not nice?? I say this one ROCKS ok!! Super VAIN

Change face now - Now is Super Lady-like

Change face again - Acting Cool

Nah...Bit innocent already...

Coming Next : More and MOre self Shoot~!

*it is xMas!! how you celebrate??*

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