Nov 16, 2008


It has been AGES and AGES and AGES to leave my hair LONGER...

Aha...I know!! I exaggerated it^^

But I did make a GREAT effort in leaving it long...yes...let me Count *fiddling with my fingers - One...two...three...*
Lost count wei....Haha...*counting hard again* Hmm...I think around half a year!! Whoa...unbelievable, to me^^

After such long torturing months, finally I have my hair "trimmed". Look bit tidy but nothing much differences, as you can see here>>>

Just got it trimmed not long ago - In feeling cafe

On the way home

Initially I was thinking of straightening my hair but ended up I don't. Haha...wait it longer first^^

Someday Somewhere

So what you guys think of my new hair style??


  1. haha.. now can play piano without the special effects song ma.. =p

  2. Ish...apa la ni!!

    I trimmed my hair..Don't you read??

  3. Not bad. Look pretty nice. = )

  4. Hehe...pretty to interpret it???

    Thanks Boss anyway for your compliment


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