Nov 27, 2008

Things-to-do list

1# Go to Plaza Mont Kiara and collect my ATCL Recital Certificate - almost one year still haven't go and collect

2# Go to KPMG to collect my Offer letter - last I have made it!!

3# Go to Lepaq this Sunday night, Desa Sri Hartamas - Aha...need to charge my Camera

4# Need to read Paper F9 Financial Management study text

5# Need to read Paper F8 Audit and Assurance study text

Erm...anymore?? Will update again - it is not exhausive


  1. waiqueen9:58 PM

    congrats on being a part of KPMG.
    sigh.... i still receive no news.

  2. I self might be faster
    DOn't worry

    I believe you will get it sooner or later


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