Nov 17, 2008

Random Window Shopping #1

Apparently Hitomi is at work, partially distracted by the availability of internet access from My suppposedly-be-done-Financial-reporting-tutorial-to-be-presented-tomorrow.

Oh My...suddenly this Idea - online shopping - popped up to me, and so I googled it.
Found pretty much interesting clothes to be shopped - Erm...I see see can La!!

1# Girlish Rainbow Tier Layer Green Dress (Rm 35)
Seriously Super Kawaii Ne...

2# Lovely Black Polka Dot Off Shoulder Top (Rm 32.90)

Eeee...I want I want

3# Colorful Chiffon Silk Tube dress skirt (RM 60)

Tell you what - this is super flexible - you can wear it like this or this>>>

PrinCess is Coming~~

4# Fabric: Knit Cotton + Rabbit Fur (RM 45)

Pretty pretty...don't think is suitable for Malaysians - konon konon is so HOT wei

5# Gorgeous,Sexy, Clubbing Coffee Tube Halter Top Shirt (RM29.90 )

Mysterious yet Sexy - and the price is Great!! Will grab one if I saw any of this

6# Japan Unique Black Button Mini Tube Dress w/Belt (RM55.90)

Black - how could I not adore you??

7# Vogue Black Off Shoulder Top (RM32.90)

Sexy - super sexy

What do you think of my Window Shopping today???
Zheng or not?? Most of them from

Ok...better get back to my Tutorial - or else - I will die kao kao...


  1. Thank you for featuring the dress from my boutique and also for liking it.

    This dress is very nice and the material is very good. You can read how one of my customer who bought this dress has to say about it...

    Do come by and let me know if you have any questions. :)

  2. You are welcome.
    Yea...I love some of the dress there

  3. i like the white on too!!!!!!feel like buying...........haha


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