Nov 10, 2008

Photo Taking - Part I

Once upon a time,
there were two girls, named Charis and Hitomi, they accidentally bumped into this world.

And here they are now, sitting in the Lecture hall of Tunku Abdul Rahman College, having nothing much to do while waiting for the rest of the class to gather>>>

Ta-DA!! Surrounded by strangers around...

Dear Charis, whom always supportive>>>

Thanks for all the things you have know what they are^^

It was a super super long wait for 23 persons to be gathered.
All we two had was spare time for all these>>>

Take One ( Pretty pretty^^)

Then Mr Fake JJ, also known as Luke, came to disturb our self-shooting session>>>
Haha...act Yummilicious

HOho...see this pig...PoSer betul

The wait was far too long>>>

Hitomi : Girl...why they so slow Tortoise wei!!
Charis : Yalo yalo...Sien Neh...Cepat sikit la dui!!

Hitomi : Girl!! I have an idea...why not>>>


  1. when view the 1st photo,the feeling is.
    wow....2 pretty girl

  2. haha...thanks thanks...

    You are not bad too...why don't show your face^^

    what is your occupation?

  3. Wooo, eye candy! Hahahaha! Ei, no public kissing. lol

  4. hitomi>matt

    aha aha...apa!! we did nothing lol

  5. Certainly looks like something. xD

  6. What you mean by looks like something??


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