Nov 22, 2008

A moment with Your Kakiis

Whoa...3 X Sony Skinny T Digital Camera and stand a chance to get invited to ‘Kakiis Nite Out’!!

It is simple - just blog about A moment with your kakiis?!! Easy for a blogger, Like Me...

The most memorable moment is the Time where I went for a trip to Dusun Eco, Bentong.

That's totally a bet - for I do not know those juniors who went along , just few seniors I know. My mind set was "Just go for it least I can know more friends"

Yes yes...that's definitely what I get - a whole bunch of new friends - unexpected kakiis during the trip^^

Let me introduce mY kakiis #1

Bong Yang - the tastiest Honey Star in the Universe LOL
Random line ^^

Kakiis #2

Prince Salmon - Proud of the Nick Salmon!!

kakiiS #3

Jeffrey Siow - Yea yea...bit siao siao geh...*Hiding in a corner*

Hehe...thanks for their accompanies for most of the time In the trip^^
I miss the trip SooooOOOooo Much

What we did over there??? would be 3 days 3 nights story ( exaggerating - Elek...)

Start with Yang...initially I don't know him...but I talked to him because he got the so-called DSLR - konon kononnya I love camera & Photograhy la...

We had our ice-breaking, we talked about blogs, we talked about shooting, then what else we did?? Shoot here and there la...Thanks for helping me to shoot the Album PIcture yea - You claim it LOL

haha...we played together - see..pleading edi~~~

We jumped in the hostel - Eh eh eh...the floor is Shaking Wei!!

Not nice not nice...Again again!! Whoa....Hm Hou Gua!!

We drank fresh coconuts together - FOC -

Hehe...I also got One!! Super Thirsty after the Amazing Race up and down the hills

Ok...bring in another One kakii, Salmon

He is such a Poser - I learn from Him - tak boleh kalahkan dia la...
He is super super Super poser wei!!

He's girlie LOL...but he is kind. I know him beforehand
We went up and down the Dusun and snapped here and there
Posed here and there...that's why Suddenly he became the Pole Dancer LOL

At night, I shared two beds with Yang and Salmon because upper deck was way cooler to sleep in
Thanks for accompanying me to Toilet early Morning yea!!
I very very scare...outside was super dark and you know, Unfamiliar place *Wincing*

Ha...this is the part - He actually very scare of hanging bridge but that day, He scrambled all the way to the bridge - and that totally FREAK ME OUT!!

Eeee...he was totally drenched - some More wanna attack me While I was trying to balance myself - Bad bad...

Obviously was posing in front of camera - See how skinny is he??

Hmm...Please allow me to Self-shoot again^^

Yo!! Wassup - So Hip Hop

Many thanks to this Mr Jeffrey lo...because I used his handphone to shoot here and there, and definitely Self-shoot!!

We were super tired after running UP and Down, Haiz...Sweat super Lot!! Will unhydrolyze soon...(so happened that we were in the same team - GREENIEs!!

You don't know only..He is another Poser - but still can't beat the Mr Salmon

Nah...told you so

You know what - I don't really know him personally until the second day of the trip where I was struck by sudden melancholy.

Thanks to Someone - What a wrong moment when I was so enthusiastically wanna tried out the FLying Fox...
We shared alot - thanks again - haha...You really have a mature-thinking - Just admit it!!

This is the final part - I love these!! Thanks guys for satisfying MY eagerness - JUMP yea!!


Oops...not good!! COme again okie??


Aiya...cacated. Again la...

Haha...another take - still failed!!

Love this!! Combination of rock + Kung Fu + Cakar + Funny face

Wakaka!! Love you guys...for being so cooperative

WE came to sit down under the hut - See see our Slippers@@

Ladybird is Mine - Kawaii Ne...

While I took slippers, Salmon suddenly Kissed Yang then they shy shy wei...

Hehe...You believe??

Come guys...*Cheese*

Eh...Let's pretend to be girlie abit OK?? Definitely this would not be a problem for Salmon

Told you -
Salmon so passionately Look into the sky + Monkey, trying to surpress his laugh + Yang, Na Pet ne... + Anson, so Arrogant & polite-seated

Haha...was having TONNES of fun over there!! All because I have bunches of new faces around me - Must give the credit to them!!

So can I win the Sony Camera????

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