Nov 8, 2008

LookOut Point - Part III

10th of October, 2008 (Friday) Rainy day

Aye...this is the final One...I bring to you guys the limelight of the day>>>

Taken at the tower for night-viewing but it is not that satisfying as these>>>

What do you think??? These two were taken at the Bread & Olive Cafe...It worked out just fine and I love it. Just bit misty but it won't ruin my pictures^^

After we had filled up our tummies to the maximum gauge, we waited the drizzles to go off. Then we headed to the night-viewing tower to see if we can see better of Kuala Lumpur at night>>>
This way PLease~~

Pathway was serenely litted...But be aware of your steps, for I, myself had nearly tripped over the steps for more than three times. Luckily my camera is still Alive LOL

Random shot around the Menara Tinjau>>>

The tree...lonely one

Before I forgot, we saw something at Menara Tinjau. Guess what???

Yeap what was so special about this couple..Haha...Charis saw couple was occupying themselves with exchanging Smooches Of Love, in the shade and doubt are they enjoying the view at the same time?? time you watch out yea!!

Before we left, the final snapshot>>>

Leading to the Menara Tinjau...

Overall it was quite boring..why???Haha...we know you know la...

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