Nov 7, 2008

LookOut Point - Part II

10th of October, 2008 (Friday) Rainy day

Diary-like, yes, as it is meant to be.
I am back to blog about this.

Aha...emo me on top of the hill>>>

The effect is just nice but night mode 2.0Mega Pixel

Since we had not filled our tummies with anything after the lau-zy lecture, we decided to dine in here>>>

bread & olives cafe - sell only breads and olives - Haha...kidding

The reason why we chose to dine in here because it offers the best view as compared to Gasoline and Lookout Point... FYI, Lookout Point is a restaurant but people tend to call this hill as Lookout Point.

Let's have a look at the interior of Bread & Olives>>>

Dim-litted, somehow romantic, but it was super warm as we entered.

Instead sitting in a balmy room, we decided to get some fresh air. Although it drizzled, it was just fine. We had our Ella-ella..Haha...

Accompanying us is this Oldie-fashioned Lamp post>>>

Just fine as it is...Wonder why I manage to take this picture while the rest of it were all blurred with light.

The table is just like those you have at Hawker stalls>>>

Ready to be fed^^

It was not long, I mean the wait. Here you go>>>

My drink - forgot what it is called but it is the Specials there. Tastes good and does the colour - you know, no colouring and preservative, I think?

Accompanying the Specials was another Specials there...Pizza with a funky name, which I have failed to recall...It is just fine and not that special to me too

Another part is in the process - please be patient..TQ

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