Nov 5, 2008

LooK out Point - Part I

10th of October, 2008 (Friday) Rainy day

It was the first Friday lecture, if I am not mistaken.
Our lecture, Financial Management, has turned out to be a laughing session.

You know why???
I would say our lecturer needs lots of verbal practice for he said Lau-zy ( when it supposed to be lousy)
Kind of regret to come college at 6.30pm to 8.30pm for this particular lecture.

But my story did not end here.
Thanks to our Lau-zy lecturer, I were just amused but barely understood anything he was trying to explain. Sweat~~

I was super agitated when everything ended.
Finally Charis, Kumar, and I headed our way to Lookout Point - It was my first time, I was super happy when Charis proposed the idea to me. Thanks Dear^^

Let me introduce Mr Kumar>>>

He is a sociable and funny guy. He is straightforward though. DOn't be annoyed LOL
Anyway, thanks for Posing dude!!
There he was, on the pathway to Lookout Point.

We passed by Gasoline>>>

Without doubt, the devilish icon definitely rocked the night!! But it failed to tempt us, you know what I mean right??

Oops...slightly swayed...but still Look nice^^

Here you go, Ms Daisy a.k.a Ms Charis>>>

The credit goes to Me...

And here we were>>>

Just so hard to capture a nice one Up there...Need a DSLR!!

Oh right, Another kumar guy here>>>

Or should I call him Ms Stussy??

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