Nov 4, 2008

Loitering in Mid Valley

Still remember Sushi Zanmai??
After Mr Potato, Mr Jeffrey and I finished out lunch session there, we went loitering...
SO much like Secondary mates hobby^^

Pity Mr Jeffrey for having stomachache after trying raw salmon sliced.
But glad that he was ok soon after a visit to the Loo.

Back to loitering.
Practically we had no direction of where-to-go or what-to-do. So Mr Potato came out with an Idea:
Let's go Arcade!! I still have one more token with me.

Initially I have not interpreted this term, I was like "huh??"
Haha...soon after I found out, then "Aha..."

There he was, sitting in front of the racers seats and getting into race>>>

Actually he was quite boring waiting for his opponents, then He ke-po looking at others

The Arcade ain't big, after Mr Potato won his game, we tried out this>>>

Para Para Dancing Machine

There are few types, some just need you to move your legs, but this one here is something different, for me>>>

This one is Combo, which Needs your whole body to Move!!
Haha...I gotcha Move it MOve it!!

Jeffrey tried it first. He did it just GREAT for he passed the first stage and got himself a second round.
Unlike me, stupid betul, sudah kena kicked out for the first round.

Another interesting game>>>

The Drum Game

You can choose VS mode or Cooperative mode. Two of them chose to cooperate^^
Give me your cheer GuYs!!

Haha...Jeffrey was half dead when the game got harder and harder as they proceeded.
Good job wei!! You guys really geng, unlike me, Lou-ya...

Around 5pm, Mr Potato went away as he has got something to catch up....Only left me and Jeffrey.
What else to do??
This time I decide, I wanna go shopping^^
Thanks Jeffrey for accompanying me, know I know

Tried the Sunglasses at Nichii>>>


We went to F.O.S and I saw some shirts with super affordable prices, so I grabbed them and tried>>>

Poser abit LOL...I like sleeveless top, nah, that is Me...
I wear spaghetti to College, so what??

I was quite happy for I have got myself something - a white belt, and two sleeveless top that I tried.
I bought Tong Kei Egg tarts for my Mom too because she just LOVE them...
I bought some Lollipops because Jeffrey and I LOVE lolli

Quite rushed by the time I went home as I had to fetch my brother from tuition.
Sped all the way and glad that I was not missing in any road. Felt happy for the sense of direction^^

It was fun and tiring, but it was definitely worth It!!


  1. hey gal... u a good poser lar!! haha... =P

  2. also right???


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