Nov 25, 2008

Kepong KakiBloggers Outing - Part IV (Group Pics)

I have not revealed any of the Kepong KakiBloggers for the previous 3 parts - right right right??

Haha...that's considered I owe you...Ehem Ehem *Clearing throat & Sneeze Sneeze*

Let me introduce you the HenSems>>>

Munster, DG, Kim
Here we were in the second place after Mill Wheel. Busy playing Uno while I play with Darren's Wife^^

Then feel sien sien - they so busy - so what else I do???

haha...still need to ask eh??Of course self-shoot lol - with flash - although I don't really like flash, I have to - pitch dark around Me - Eeeee

Not forgetting, the two Pretties (ahaha...don't throw eggs)>>>

Pui Yee & Me - pity her - now her blog got problem - can't even view properly (hehe...Just updated - her blog is now Back to Action!!)

Aiya...skipped the part for Mill Wheel tim!!
Now replace it okie?!

Much much brighter lo...Obviously Kim was too hungry then he ate the tissue while DG - the yellow Man - was pretty shy & quiet all the while>>>

Now Munster, busy talking and eating - multitasking LOL - saliva kept spitted out -Ewww....(Kidding la!!) and Darren, not forgetting to pretend abit when he knew I shot them with his Wife

The only one Big group photos, but Darren was not here!! Pity the cameraMan yea!!

Thanks Darren for your wife - me wan play with it next time^^

Haha...this is the final One!!
One thing, Of course, I will look forward to next outing, Hear it not, Kepong KakiBloggers!!


  1. Haha..memang ada
    the first one some more LOL

  2. i tak see i punya muka!! =(

  3. tak datang

  4. i kerja lar... haih... by the time i reach.. u ciao liao.. lolx

  5. I know I left. Kena scolded also when I have got home...

    Hehe..sorry lol...
    Next time go sekinchan for shooting the padis Call me also


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