Nov 24, 2008

Kepong KakiBloggers Outing - Part III (Mill Wheel)

Mill Wheel - Close up - Miss, can I have your order??

Sure, Ms pretty, here you go, I would like to have this>>>

Nai Cha Ice - Not bad^^ - What else can I say for an Ice specialist??? (Price: RM 4.90 if I am not mistaken)

Another one - can I have pork spaghetti??
Then she directed her finger to this>>>

Taken bY hitomi with Darren's DSLR

No PORK no PORK...
But I want to eat PORK Spaghetti - Okok...can you give me PORK rice??
ALso cannot ar??
Hmm...can I have LARD Nasi Lemak??
Again she said: No PORK no PORK
Ish...PORK her head *piangggg*

haha...The conversation above is merely Created by Hitomi - Hope you have a good Laugh ^^

Up Next is Darren's Chocolate Ice (Same price like Mine)

This special light effect - only can be done my DSLR with external flash equipment - Now only I know what is the function of the bulky thing^^

Mango Ice cake - PuiYee's

Must try - I bet you will love this!! Price the same - RM4.90

How Come they are named Mill Wheel while the Chinese named after something else???

Another photo By Me with Darren's DSLR

Wanna know who are they??? So-called VVIP

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