Nov 22, 2008

Kepong KakiBloggers Outing - Part II (Mill Wheel)

Now you know where I go^^

I have reached there earlier...Planning to read my Audit study text while waiting for the rest of the VVIP.
In the meanwhile, have to order something so I looked at the Menu>>>

If I am not mistaken, This shot is taken by Me, using Darren's DSLR - masterpiece^^

Interiors of Mill Wheel>>>

As usual, dimly-lit.

White tables & Chairs + Dolls & lotsa souvenirs Up-for-grab!!

Since christmas is just around the corner, they sell lotsa Cute, beautiful Xmas cards

The counter & the staff - Busy talking on the phone - Later Boss fire you LOL

That's all for now.
ANyway, I was waiting with My Audit study text - Gotta Gao Dim the subject - Either Audit die or I die


  1. i was suppose to be there.. but i working!!! aww...........

  2. It is ok pretty

    Wil look forward the next time to meet up with you


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