Nov 29, 2008

HYK Prawn Mee Restaurant, Wangsa Maju

Food foOd fOOd - what else???

Haha...Okie. I am here to introduce this restaurant, good or bad, hmm,
Give a little Suspense *Drum Rolls~~~*

My custom starting - it shall be, would be, definitely ought to be ( Don't you realise I get abit crappy lately? Oh well...)

Qiang Qiang Qiang Qiang~~~~

The overall outlook>>>

I like the light deco; the overall atmostphere is warm

They have their foods All over the Wallss~~~

Over the counter~~~

They even have their shop On THE WALL~~~

Hehe...will you visit?? Keep it to yourself first yea!!
But BUt But...don't bump into the WALL lol

It is Feasting TIme * Stomach growling Vigorously *

The lemonade, I think

Dry Prawn Mee - Like Gon Lou & The prawn soup

This is Mine - Normal Prawn Mee

Yummy or not??? Just look Jeffrey's face you will know>>>

Haha...Wanna eat??

Behold~~~Hitomi wants to say something::::

The prawn Mee - Salty until can drop hair
The Lemonade is not bad
The dry prawn Mee - even better than Mine - less salty

BUT wth!! HYK specialised in Prawn Mee but the Quality so cha...Ish...
I won't go there twice!!


  1. yea.. agree... totally canot go one... darn CHA de quality....

  2. Yea cacat...
    Hehe...when you got your DSLR geh

  3. hehehe.... ^^... last thursday...
    tat time i nvr go for gathering earlier also is bcuz wanna work n get money to buy it... lolx.....


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