Nov 17, 2008

High School Musical 3

Hihi everyone...Hitomi was Once again on the Groovy Mood to watch High School Musical 3 - The Senior Year

This is Me, Hitomi, few days after trimming her hair>>>

Haha...Self Shoot again - WHat else?? Before I started to drive^^

Proudly Present the HSM 3>>>

Another Musical Movie - Yea - Guess what?? I love the first one Still...

At least they won't be suddenly singing - almost every moment if they could - and it just don't flow in naturally like the First one.

Talking about the movie - what usually happens when it comes to senior year??
Need not me to tell, Troy and Gabriella were definitely deciding where they should go for tertiary.
It was a hard situation especially when both of them were unable to see each other due to the distances that set them apart.

The final year ends beautifully with a performance by Seniors...*feeling the groove*
The ending ends perfectly whereby Troy has decided to study in a university which offers him both basketball and stage performance courses.
Most importantly, the university itself is just hundreds miles from Gabriella's university - HOw nice^^

My first and Foremost experience of Watching it in Platinum Cinema>>>

Tell you what - It was super cozy to SLEEP lol...but I was quite uncomfortable still...Have no idea why...Buttock Sakit pulak

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