Nov 19, 2008

Dessert's Bar

What do you guys think about this Logo Shot>>>

It just popped up to me and I thought "Not bad huh??? Just took a shot at it!!" and that's it...(Feeling proud^^)

Dessert's Bar can be seen from Far...TOok a few shots and this is the Only one can See the words LOL...

It is located in Hartmas Mall and decorated with cute bally lamps that spread the dim light, which warms up the whole restaurant>>>

Hmm...another light in the background - WOndering what is it - Another cute bally lamp??

Theme colours are red & white - everywhere - DOn't believe??

Have a Look around>>>

Red chairs & sofa

Guess what - Even the food also Red & White>>>

Initially I thought what is the cube-thingy...Tofu??? No!!! Rupa-rupa is Yoghurt cube. Guess they made it themselves?? NO idea but it is Nice^^

Strawberry with Yoghurt - Don't know what is the name But it is Sour mixed - Nice, Just naturally tempting!!

What are you waiting for??? Makan time>>>

Wakaka...I eat first la....*blek~~~*

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