Nov 20, 2008

DaoRae Korean BBQ Restaurant

After enjoying HSM3 & Dessert's Bar & not to forget the long long walking distance, Here am I, in DaoRae Korean BBQ Restaurant.

Yes yes...I think some of you know that I have been wanting to eat Korean food for few weeks time. Finally I am here (thanks for the Driver LOL)

Why long long walking distance?? Because Hitomi is indecisive where to eat also - too many korean restaurants^^

It is located in Hartmas, which I have never been to, in my life time, until that day.
Don't ask me to drive there. I will definitely lost in somewhere.
What to do??
That's simply Hitomi

Have a look around as Usual>>>

Section One - Love it - but no more spaces for Me *SobZ*

Section Two - where I have my place of seat

Section Three - obviously the largest section

AS usual, Hitomi took quite long time to shoot around and order food...Very pricey wei...
I remembered the last Time I went to Ampang and Had my first korean dinner, it was only 50 bucks per pax!!
And we ordered alot of stuffs!!

Whenever you go to any korean restaurant, they will definitely give you the freebies all these ABOVE

But I don't think I can finish them LOL...
Of course some are the mashed potato - serve Chilled, bean sprout, steamed egg etc

SO what I ordered??
One of them, of course, must be, should be, ought to be, BBQ grilled meat...It ain't cheap. Gosh...i think 50 bucks Gone for the Meat

The grill>>>

Charcoal perhaps Underneath>>>

I am glad that we have the people there to lend us the helping hand to Grill the Meat...
Don't it look tempting??

Special light effect from DSLR - what a coincidence Shot!!

Another thing I ordered is the Kimchi Noodle. is just Instant Noodle, Korea Noodle of course, and Kimchi soup...Does it worth 50 bucks??
Regret to order that...Don't order...
More BBQ will be just GOod^^

Random Shot>>>

What is this eh????

Cannot guess? Look carefully>>>

Response Please??

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