Nov 27, 2008

Brief Update of Yesterday

I had a Mid term test yesterday - How how??
Have I screwed it? I am not sure though. Perhaps. I Don't care anymore!!

Oh...yesterday it was my first time learning Cha Cha in front of public - Gosh!!
So happened that there is a booth promoting Latin dance, and Charis was super excited to check them out.
It ended up we were being the "forced" volunteers~~

Haha...Glad that it was super Fun!! Who cares if I was wearing sport shoes and stumbling along while Charis is catching up super Fast!!

Supposedly we should go to library study, But ended up Cha cha around LOL
We registered ourselves - Talking about the fees, it only costs us 40 to 50 for 8 hours per month - Cheap or not??

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