Nov 29, 2008

HYK Prawn Mee Restaurant, Wangsa Maju

Food foOd fOOd - what else???

Haha...Okie. I am here to introduce this restaurant, good or bad, hmm,
Give a little Suspense *Drum Rolls~~~*

My custom starting - it shall be, would be, definitely ought to be ( Don't you realise I get abit crappy lately? Oh well...)

Qiang Qiang Qiang Qiang~~~~

The overall outlook>>>

I like the light deco; the overall atmostphere is warm

They have their foods All over the Wallss~~~

Over the counter~~~

They even have their shop On THE WALL~~~

Hehe...will you visit?? Keep it to yourself first yea!!
But BUt But...don't bump into the WALL lol

It is Feasting TIme * Stomach growling Vigorously *

The lemonade, I think

Dry Prawn Mee - Like Gon Lou & The prawn soup

This is Mine - Normal Prawn Mee

Yummy or not??? Just look Jeffrey's face you will know>>>

Haha...Wanna eat??

Behold~~~Hitomi wants to say something::::

The prawn Mee - Salty until can drop hair
The Lemonade is not bad
The dry prawn Mee - even better than Mine - less salty

BUT wth!! HYK specialised in Prawn Mee but the Quality so cha...Ish...
I won't go there twice!!

Nov 28, 2008

The Wackiest I Would I Do to Race for N96

Whoa whoa whoa...I am practically STUNNED!!
I just can't believe it. I have made it through the first round of the N96 Online Race

"Congratulations as you're one of the fastest and strongest in the first round of the N96 Online Race. You're one step closer to own a Nokia N96 and your rights to participate in the N96 Race to win another N96 and a trip for 2 to Phuket."

Haha...the trick is I need to Write a blog post with the title 'The Wackiest I Would I Do to Race for N96' in my own creativity.*Racking my brain to Think of the ways* is the video I have captured this evening - Eee...Look so stupid!! But for N96, it would be worthwhile!!

Guys, just don't laugh at me Ok??

Nov 27, 2008

Things-to-do list

1# Go to Plaza Mont Kiara and collect my ATCL Recital Certificate - almost one year still haven't go and collect

2# Go to KPMG to collect my Offer letter - last I have made it!!

3# Go to Lepaq this Sunday night, Desa Sri Hartamas - Aha...need to charge my Camera

4# Need to read Paper F9 Financial Management study text

5# Need to read Paper F8 Audit and Assurance study text

Erm...anymore?? Will update again - it is not exhausive

Brief Update of Yesterday

I had a Mid term test yesterday - How how??
Have I screwed it? I am not sure though. Perhaps. I Don't care anymore!!

Oh...yesterday it was my first time learning Cha Cha in front of public - Gosh!!
So happened that there is a booth promoting Latin dance, and Charis was super excited to check them out.
It ended up we were being the "forced" volunteers~~

Haha...Glad that it was super Fun!! Who cares if I was wearing sport shoes and stumbling along while Charis is catching up super Fast!!

Supposedly we should go to library study, But ended up Cha cha around LOL
We registered ourselves - Talking about the fees, it only costs us 40 to 50 for 8 hours per month - Cheap or not??

Nov 26, 2008

Adorable Fish with Legs @@

I believe everyone know how fish looks know - a mouth, fin, tail, etc etc

Have you come across fish with Legs???
I don't until I received a mail about this Weird yet Cute & Adorable fishy!!

True or fake I don't know - but it is sOoooooo Adorable!!

Nov 25, 2008

Kepong KakiBloggers Outing - Part IV (Group Pics)

I have not revealed any of the Kepong KakiBloggers for the previous 3 parts - right right right??

Haha...that's considered I owe you...Ehem Ehem *Clearing throat & Sneeze Sneeze*

Let me introduce you the HenSems>>>

Munster, DG, Kim
Here we were in the second place after Mill Wheel. Busy playing Uno while I play with Darren's Wife^^

Then feel sien sien - they so busy - so what else I do???

haha...still need to ask eh??Of course self-shoot lol - with flash - although I don't really like flash, I have to - pitch dark around Me - Eeeee

Not forgetting, the two Pretties (ahaha...don't throw eggs)>>>

Pui Yee & Me - pity her - now her blog got problem - can't even view properly (hehe...Just updated - her blog is now Back to Action!!)

Aiya...skipped the part for Mill Wheel tim!!
Now replace it okie?!

Much much brighter lo...Obviously Kim was too hungry then he ate the tissue while DG - the yellow Man - was pretty shy & quiet all the while>>>

Now Munster, busy talking and eating - multitasking LOL - saliva kept spitted out -Ewww....(Kidding la!!) and Darren, not forgetting to pretend abit when he knew I shot them with his Wife

The only one Big group photos, but Darren was not here!! Pity the cameraMan yea!!

Thanks Darren for your wife - me wan play with it next time^^

Haha...this is the final One!!
One thing, Of course, I will look forward to next outing, Hear it not, Kepong KakiBloggers!!

Nov 24, 2008

Kepong KakiBloggers Outing - Part III (Mill Wheel)

Mill Wheel - Close up - Miss, can I have your order??

Sure, Ms pretty, here you go, I would like to have this>>>

Nai Cha Ice - Not bad^^ - What else can I say for an Ice specialist??? (Price: RM 4.90 if I am not mistaken)

Another one - can I have pork spaghetti??
Then she directed her finger to this>>>

Taken bY hitomi with Darren's DSLR

No PORK no PORK...
But I want to eat PORK Spaghetti - Okok...can you give me PORK rice??
ALso cannot ar??
Hmm...can I have LARD Nasi Lemak??
Again she said: No PORK no PORK
Ish...PORK her head *piangggg*

haha...The conversation above is merely Created by Hitomi - Hope you have a good Laugh ^^

Up Next is Darren's Chocolate Ice (Same price like Mine)

This special light effect - only can be done my DSLR with external flash equipment - Now only I know what is the function of the bulky thing^^

Mango Ice cake - PuiYee's

Must try - I bet you will love this!! Price the same - RM4.90

How Come they are named Mill Wheel while the Chinese named after something else???

Another photo By Me with Darren's DSLR

Wanna know who are they??? So-called VVIP

Nov 22, 2008

A moment with Your Kakiis

Whoa...3 X Sony Skinny T Digital Camera and stand a chance to get invited to ‘Kakiis Nite Out’!!

It is simple - just blog about A moment with your kakiis?!! Easy for a blogger, Like Me...

The most memorable moment is the Time where I went for a trip to Dusun Eco, Bentong.

That's totally a bet - for I do not know those juniors who went along , just few seniors I know. My mind set was "Just go for it least I can know more friends"

Yes yes...that's definitely what I get - a whole bunch of new friends - unexpected kakiis during the trip^^

Let me introduce mY kakiis #1

Bong Yang - the tastiest Honey Star in the Universe LOL
Random line ^^

Kakiis #2

Prince Salmon - Proud of the Nick Salmon!!

kakiiS #3

Jeffrey Siow - Yea yea...bit siao siao geh...*Hiding in a corner*

Hehe...thanks for their accompanies for most of the time In the trip^^
I miss the trip SooooOOOooo Much

What we did over there??? would be 3 days 3 nights story ( exaggerating - Elek...)

Start with Yang...initially I don't know him...but I talked to him because he got the so-called DSLR - konon kononnya I love camera & Photograhy la...

We had our ice-breaking, we talked about blogs, we talked about shooting, then what else we did?? Shoot here and there la...Thanks for helping me to shoot the Album PIcture yea - You claim it LOL

haha...we played together - see..pleading edi~~~

We jumped in the hostel - Eh eh eh...the floor is Shaking Wei!!

Not nice not nice...Again again!! Whoa....Hm Hou Gua!!

We drank fresh coconuts together - FOC -

Hehe...I also got One!! Super Thirsty after the Amazing Race up and down the hills

Ok...bring in another One kakii, Salmon

He is such a Poser - I learn from Him - tak boleh kalahkan dia la...
He is super super Super poser wei!!

He's girlie LOL...but he is kind. I know him beforehand
We went up and down the Dusun and snapped here and there
Posed here and there...that's why Suddenly he became the Pole Dancer LOL

At night, I shared two beds with Yang and Salmon because upper deck was way cooler to sleep in
Thanks for accompanying me to Toilet early Morning yea!!
I very very scare...outside was super dark and you know, Unfamiliar place *Wincing*

Ha...this is the part - He actually very scare of hanging bridge but that day, He scrambled all the way to the bridge - and that totally FREAK ME OUT!!

Eeee...he was totally drenched - some More wanna attack me While I was trying to balance myself - Bad bad...

Obviously was posing in front of camera - See how skinny is he??

Hmm...Please allow me to Self-shoot again^^

Yo!! Wassup - So Hip Hop

Many thanks to this Mr Jeffrey lo...because I used his handphone to shoot here and there, and definitely Self-shoot!!

We were super tired after running UP and Down, Haiz...Sweat super Lot!! Will unhydrolyze soon...(so happened that we were in the same team - GREENIEs!!

You don't know only..He is another Poser - but still can't beat the Mr Salmon

Nah...told you so

You know what - I don't really know him personally until the second day of the trip where I was struck by sudden melancholy.

Thanks to Someone - What a wrong moment when I was so enthusiastically wanna tried out the FLying Fox...
We shared alot - thanks again - haha...You really have a mature-thinking - Just admit it!!

This is the final part - I love these!! Thanks guys for satisfying MY eagerness - JUMP yea!!


Oops...not good!! COme again okie??


Aiya...cacated. Again la...

Haha...another take - still failed!!

Love this!! Combination of rock + Kung Fu + Cakar + Funny face

Wakaka!! Love you guys...for being so cooperative

WE came to sit down under the hut - See see our Slippers@@

Ladybird is Mine - Kawaii Ne...

While I took slippers, Salmon suddenly Kissed Yang then they shy shy wei...

Hehe...You believe??

Come guys...*Cheese*

Eh...Let's pretend to be girlie abit OK?? Definitely this would not be a problem for Salmon

Told you -
Salmon so passionately Look into the sky + Monkey, trying to surpress his laugh + Yang, Na Pet ne... + Anson, so Arrogant & polite-seated

Haha...was having TONNES of fun over there!! All because I have bunches of new faces around me - Must give the credit to them!!

So can I win the Sony Camera????

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