Oct 29, 2008

Sushi Zanmai

Hehe...thanks for staying in LINE with Me^^

Remember the Raya Festival post few days ago?? I told you that I met up with someone right??
Wanna know who??

Hehe...let me keep this suspense. Why so anxious??

This is the restaurant we went to have our lunch. It is located in Gardens, 3rd Floor>>>
Like the way it is taken??? I did it spontaneously but I love the effect^^

A better look at it - Sushi Zanmai

There are few partitions in Zanmai...but here is where we dined.

Seriously it was crowded. And the designs are crowded...I think I need more space to move around!!

Another spontaneously done>>>

When we have cleaned our plates^^ What an ambient picture...

So who are we??? Here you go>>>>

The guy in Green is Mr Potato while the guy in black is Mr Jeffrey
Obviously Potato is talking while Jeffrey is scanning through the menu

I did take quite a long time to decide what to eat...Konon-konon Hitomi tak tau apa sedap yea

Anyway, let me devour you with FOOD>>>

Kani Corn Sushi

Salmon Sliced

Chuka lidako(front), Tempura Soba(right), Salmon(left)

My black CAVIAR sushi

Grilled Beef Rice

Katsu Zaru Udon - The YummY & chilled udon!! I love it...should have ordered this Man!!

And the dish was Jeffrey's...See how enjoying he was!!

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