Oct 25, 2008

Raya Festival in Mid Valley

I know it has been quite some time, errr, around one month perhaps, for Hari Raya Festival.
Sorry for delaying~~

It was my holiday after Dusun Eco trip that I went to Mid Valley to meet up with Jeffrey, a new blogger.
Thanks to him for the complimentary movie passes to star listed movie, which we had opted for, Money Not Enough II

It was a touching, down-to-earth, real life show that earned my tears.
Singapore's movies are definitely better than Taiwan's long-winded dramas!!
That explains why I have not watching any of Taiwan's dramas for quite some time.

Oh yea, when we went to Mid Valley, it was still in the festive season!!
There was a Malay musical performance, LIVE.

Here you go>>>

Although it was on weekday, still there are crowds^^ around the Malay Kampung House

The wooden pathway to the cultural Kampung

Performers were concentrating in their performance

I love the light^^ looks like bird cage but it is not

Here we are, Hitomi & Jeffrey on the self-shooting mode

We met up with someone...at Here>>>

Details in Upcoming post^^


  1. Salmon f1sh6:17 PM

    when u goin out v jeffrey aso din ajak me larr.
    i vhn watch d show too tim.
    ei..hu u guys meet in sushi ther wor?
    jefftrey treat u sushi ar.
    i so close v him aso he nvr treat me sushi but jux chocolate lorx!!hee..

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o

  2. Wakaka!! cannot ajak la...he only got another seat for me...Blek~~

    Who we met ar?? WAit la...will be known soon^^

    Actually he never treat me sushi also...He just gave me the coconut that day only^^

    I love chocolate too...


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