Oct 24, 2008

I Like To Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2!

Yo!! Madagascar is BACK IN ACTION

What makes the impact in me is the theme song - I like to Move it move it...I like to MOVE IT...
Gosh, it makes me have to urge to dance it right now!!!

Although I am already 20 this year, what is the big deal then if I say I like to watch animated movies???
Let me hear you say : Hey Hey Hey, alright...(haha...Avril's song came across to me few times this morning - - So addicted to the Hey hey hey!!)

Nuffnang is giving away free screening tickets to GLITTERATI members again...Aiya...why everytime also for GLITTERATI only??

I wanted to watch it yea!! Hey hey hey... Can I get it???
Can I? (sorry for not informing that I was not going to Mamma Mia but please don't blacklist me~~~please~~)

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