Oct 31, 2008

I just got an Interview!!

Today I am quite emotionally affected. Thanks to someone for being so "helpful"

Oh well...the usual routine...I was working this afternoon, and yes, I am working now. Hehe...having the unlimited internet access by yourself is so spoiled!! Now I know why everyone so reluctant to turn it off...

Slightly straying off the topic, ok, back to it now!!
Yes, yes. I have just got an interviewer calling when I was having my Audit tutorial (which is another blur session...Please!! Hitomi is suffocating@@)

I was wondering who was it when I first saw the unknown number.
I was dumbstruck when I knew it is from KPMG, which is one of the BIG FOUR.
I was so scared when they asked me for an interview, setting a session, on 5th of November.

My heart was thumping half thriumphantly and half worried. It is just NEXT WEEK...and I have not prepared, not even a thing, for any interview!!
Another question is, I have no knowledge of its actual location@@

Please, SOmeone, I need help in direction...and guidance for interview!!


  1. i think u should hav know this....
    search info on kpmg...then update urself with the current market stuff...like market crash or how the market is going etc...and something related to ur position ur applying=)

  2. Regina2:00 PM

    wow~ good luck!
    KPMG tower is near One Utama.

  3. Haha...i saw the map. It is super near...But i am not sure though^^

    Thanks S!n for the tips!! I am applying for audit staff. Haha...


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