Oct 19, 2008

Hitomi is Sick again~~

Ish...what happened to me??
Why would I keep on falling sick??

Haiz...Yesterday I was super suffering. The moment I woke up from a super lengthy and messy dream, I felt dizzy. Nearly fainted but I didn't. Then I went toilet and I started to diarrhea . Ish...
I barely stand on my feet for more than 10 seconds!!

I decided to go back to sleep. An hour later, I tried to wake up. Again, I was dizzy. This time I was fainted. Gosh...I could not help myself to get up. Things ain't right.

My parents took me to clinic and I had injection to boost my blood pressure. That explains why. My blood pressure was not high enough to pump the blood to my brain.

Once I have got back home, I slept for the rest of my day. I slept half of the day until I could not stand the heat. And yea, I was fever. But doctor didn't give me any medicine for fever.

And there I went to see doctor again. Haiz...so sad...

Low Blood Pressure + Diarrhea = Half dead fish
All I could eat now is Porridge water and Barlie and Plain Bread

I didn't go college on friday although I wanted to. And I did not work on Saturday because I did not want to get myself involved in accident. Haiz....

When will I recover??


  1. charis2:35 PM

    take goodie care ya girl!

  2. I not dare to diet edi...wuu wuu

  3. charis3:00 PM

    good la ask u dont diet ady u still x wan to listen ish.!!!U r not even FAT u know? ish ish i make sure u eat must eat 3 meals man! look who is talking haha..
    i am diff cz my stomach small ady since erm form 3 goin on form 4

  4. yer...not like that!! last time my stomach is small too!!

  5. yer...not like that!! last time my stomach is small too!!

  6. charis6:40 PM

    tht is last time ma now is noW!!!


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