Oct 22, 2008

Flower in my Garden - 1

It blossoms again~~

When I first saw it, it was still half blossom...

But after few minutes, it started to blossom, fully.

Feel so proud with the pictures^^ because I made it slightly bokeh...

Hehe...I love garden.
I wish my future home comes with a big big garden with all types of flowers^^


  1. haha...i think ur future husband might be taking notice of this..haha=P

  2. hehe..of course I hope so.

    But he might not know too

  3. charis4:00 PM

    girl i am not a flower lover but i do have a dream house haha =]

  4. hahaha....next time u give abit of hint...go read my blog...if he fail to do so..then u know lar..didnt read..kakka=P

  5. hehe...I will remember^^

    Of course must have a dream house what!!


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