Oct 31, 2008

I just got an Interview!!

Today I am quite emotionally affected. Thanks to someone for being so "helpful"

Oh well...the usual routine...I was working this afternoon, and yes, I am working now. Hehe...having the unlimited internet access by yourself is so spoiled!! Now I know why everyone so reluctant to turn it off...

Slightly straying off the topic, ok, back to it now!!
Yes, yes. I have just got an interviewer calling when I was having my Audit tutorial (which is another blur session...Please!! Hitomi is suffocating@@)

I was wondering who was it when I first saw the unknown number.
I was dumbstruck when I knew it is from KPMG, which is one of the BIG FOUR.
I was so scared when they asked me for an interview, setting a session, on 5th of November.

My heart was thumping half thriumphantly and half worried. It is just NEXT WEEK...and I have not prepared, not even a thing, for any interview!!
Another question is, I have no knowledge of its actual location@@

Please, SOmeone, I need help in direction...and guidance for interview!!

Bowls of Pasta, I Want it Fasta

Have you been to Nuffnang website?? Do click on the title and check out its latest post on Nuffnang Sharing Session.

As usual, I would like to say I ain't Nuffnang Glitterati Member but I will be super duper triple quadruple HaPpY~~~ if I were given a chance to join in the fun!!

What is even better when you can meet all the famous bloggers??? (I am not though...)
I would be dreaming LOL...

I do not know how is the response...only the first twenty Glitteratis will be considered...
Let's pray hard
*mumbling unknown incantation*
- - Joking LOL - -

Oct 30, 2008

HitoMi's First Composition

This is instrumental one....

Hope it is soothing^^

Do you see a C??

Haha..this will be my first time shooting LETTER above the sky!! But too bad I have only get a "C" instead of "A"

O.o So shy shy for the first time...

Sun: who say so!! I show you now...

Wah...what happen to the sky??!!

Seem like it is going to TORN APART!!

Ehe...see - Hiding behind the cloud again...

Oct 29, 2008

Sushi Zanmai

Hehe...thanks for staying in LINE with Me^^

Remember the Raya Festival post few days ago?? I told you that I met up with someone right??
Wanna know who??

Hehe...let me keep this suspense. Why so anxious??

This is the restaurant we went to have our lunch. It is located in Gardens, 3rd Floor>>>
Like the way it is taken??? I did it spontaneously but I love the effect^^

A better look at it - Sushi Zanmai

There are few partitions in Zanmai...but here is where we dined.

Seriously it was crowded. And the designs are crowded...I think I need more space to move around!!

Another spontaneously done>>>

When we have cleaned our plates^^ What an ambient picture...

So who are we??? Here you go>>>>

The guy in Green is Mr Potato while the guy in black is Mr Jeffrey
Obviously Potato is talking while Jeffrey is scanning through the menu

I did take quite a long time to decide what to eat...Konon-konon Hitomi tak tau apa sedap yea

Anyway, let me devour you with FOOD>>>

Kani Corn Sushi

Salmon Sliced

Chuka lidako(front), Tempura Soba(right), Salmon(left)

My black CAVIAR sushi

Grilled Beef Rice

Katsu Zaru Udon - The YummY & chilled udon!! I love it...should have ordered this Man!!

And the dish was Jeffrey's...See how enjoying he was!!

Oct 26, 2008

Golden Shimmers

I bet it has been quite a long time I have not posted about skies...

So it is time again>>>
It was taken last semester, as usual, in the morning 7am, while the sun was reaching out
Weird~~ both were taken almost the same time, but the Effect is not the same

Mixtures of texture, alongside with golden shimmer

Gosh...now all my classes start around afternoon. Super duper hot and cloudless..
Miss the morning classes so MUCH now

Oct 25, 2008

Raya Festival in Mid Valley

I know it has been quite some time, errr, around one month perhaps, for Hari Raya Festival.
Sorry for delaying~~

It was my holiday after Dusun Eco trip that I went to Mid Valley to meet up with Jeffrey, a new blogger.
Thanks to him for the complimentary movie passes to star listed movie, which we had opted for, Money Not Enough II

It was a touching, down-to-earth, real life show that earned my tears.
Singapore's movies are definitely better than Taiwan's long-winded dramas!!
That explains why I have not watching any of Taiwan's dramas for quite some time.

Oh yea, when we went to Mid Valley, it was still in the festive season!!
There was a Malay musical performance, LIVE.

Here you go>>>

Although it was on weekday, still there are crowds^^ around the Malay Kampung House

The wooden pathway to the cultural Kampung

Performers were concentrating in their performance

I love the light^^ looks like bird cage but it is not

Here we are, Hitomi & Jeffrey on the self-shooting mode

We met up with someone...at Here>>>

Details in Upcoming post^^

Oct 24, 2008

Don't mess with WOMEN - Part I

As what guys always quote: "Women are hard to be understood..."
Guys, in case you do not realise, you are equally hard to be understood...

Women can be very nice to you when they are in good mood.
Women can be even disastrous if they are PISSED OFF...
So "Don't ever mess with Women!!"

Or else, you will suffer the consequences>>>

Loyalty matters most in marriage

Aha...damn funny!!

You mess it, You've GOT IT!!

I Like To Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2!

Yo!! Madagascar is BACK IN ACTION

What makes the impact in me is the theme song - I like to Move it move it...I like to MOVE IT...
Gosh, it makes me have to urge to dance it right now!!!

Although I am already 20 this year, what is the big deal then if I say I like to watch animated movies???
Let me hear you say : Hey Hey Hey, alright...(haha...Avril's song came across to me few times this morning - - So addicted to the Hey hey hey!!)

Nuffnang is giving away free screening tickets to GLITTERATI members again...Aiya...why everytime also for GLITTERATI only??

I wanted to watch it yea!! Hey hey hey... Can I get it???
Can I? (sorry for not informing that I was not going to Mamma Mia but please don't blacklist me~~~please~~)

Oct 22, 2008

Flower in my Garden - 1

It blossoms again~~

When I first saw it, it was still half blossom...

But after few minutes, it started to blossom, fully.

Feel so proud with the pictures^^ because I made it slightly bokeh...

Hehe...I love garden.
I wish my future home comes with a big big garden with all types of flowers^^

Oct 20, 2008


now that I can online at work, it also means that
I will be getting extra time to BLOG!!

La lala La La...I am happy.

And I am better today^^

Dedicated to Jordan

This is especially dedicated to Jordan

You have heard of it for sure^^ This time is the Melody itself...

Comments & Critics please??

Oct 19, 2008

Hitomi is Sick again~~

Ish...what happened to me??
Why would I keep on falling sick??

Haiz...Yesterday I was super suffering. The moment I woke up from a super lengthy and messy dream, I felt dizzy. Nearly fainted but I didn't. Then I went toilet and I started to diarrhea . Ish...
I barely stand on my feet for more than 10 seconds!!

I decided to go back to sleep. An hour later, I tried to wake up. Again, I was dizzy. This time I was fainted. Gosh...I could not help myself to get up. Things ain't right.

My parents took me to clinic and I had injection to boost my blood pressure. That explains why. My blood pressure was not high enough to pump the blood to my brain.

Once I have got back home, I slept for the rest of my day. I slept half of the day until I could not stand the heat. And yea, I was fever. But doctor didn't give me any medicine for fever.

And there I went to see doctor again. Haiz...so sad...

Low Blood Pressure + Diarrhea = Half dead fish
All I could eat now is Porridge water and Barlie and Plain Bread

I didn't go college on friday although I wanted to. And I did not work on Saturday because I did not want to get myself involved in accident. Haiz....

When will I recover??

Oct 18, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part VIII

This post is going to be the final one. Thus, it is the longest with the most pictures!!

Nothing much to do at the final day.

After we went back from the hanging bridge, we woke everyone up!! LOL

Jeffrey made us some special crackers filled with honey. It was delicious, thanks!!

Yang was enjoying the tasty cracker in the morning with the natural lullaby>>>

Faster say thanks to me, Yang!! I took the best picture of yours!!

Hehe....Obviously I was enjoying the cracker while Jeffrey was promoting his crackers

Morning everyone!!

We took pictures around>>>

What a nice arrangement - so earthy, so natural

and in the camp>>>

Our slippers^^ Giant legs!! it Belongs to Yang

Nice shade...Yang was busy exploring with my camera

Hugging the sleeping bag of Mun Hoe's...he asked me to help him keep it back...Gosh!! know how to use but don't know how to put it back!!

Thanks Yang for the photos!! I love this^^ Yang kept insisting it looks so album-cover-like, what do you think??

My turn to play with Yang's camera...

Then only we headed to canteen and had our last breakfast>>>

The sandwiches were not bad though...

Albert signaled us to take the photo..LOL

I did not bath. Just too lazy and unwilling to bath at the place anymore. Just wait few more hours then I can go back and take a nice cozy bath!!

We had the winner – x X x team. Short moment of post mortem followed by quick lunch. Practically the breakfast and lunch was just one hour in between, how to fill our stomach??

By the time we left, we took a lot of pictures for memories^^

our group pictures!!

xXx team - with Yang's sleeping look & Mun HOe's shocking look

Credits go to me for this^^

why is it everybody showing their butts?

a Spontaneous one!! I love it so much...

Yep!! Mostly with Bong Yang’s camera because he is the camera man!!

Of course I was one of the photographer too!! Now...with my camera>>>

GreeNies!! with only one girl, who is Me!!


When two photographers finally done their assignments^^

We boarded the truck and ready to go back to where-we-belong!!

By the way, where is Anson??

Gosh gosh gosh…he fell in love with the cat!!

Anson:" Darling ar darling, wait me yea!! I will come back to find you"

Cat:" Meow...meow~~"

Last picture to present>>>

without my conscience…

Haha…It was fun to get to know juniors although I am a sleeping member^^

And I am not regretting to go for this trip because the experience far weighed what I have lost^^ Memories forever!!

I missed it so MUch!!

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