Sep 16, 2008

What's wrong??

Sometimes I really do not know why people dislike me so much.
I can't help to understand why.
The reason always so "dumb" to be understandable, just so you know.

Come On!! Everybody is different.
What's wrong of being someone different from you guys that are so deadly "mediocre"?

It is me, and not you. If you want to judge me, please, JUDGE YOURSELF first.
We are not saints. I know that. And I believe you are just too dumb to understand such a simple theory.

Yesterday I was dumbstruck by words of people.
I would say that you will never know what people will talk bad about you anyway.
It is hard to imagine that most of the course mates actually dislike you so much.
And yes, that is the fact. I do not know that until I was told.

Initially in the first week of lecture, Charis and I have the same mind set, which is to know more people.
I need a change. But until now, our mission remains unaccomplished.
Now that we have learnt the "big Secret" behind all the masks people have put on them when they see us, our mission shall be eliminated.

Out of a sudden, I think I have truly understand the philosophy that "we can never ever make everyone to like us"
I might have lost when I have heard what A said but when I regain my conscious mind, I was like "What on earth man!! How come they think that way!!"

I know you surely will say "Oh yea, you can never control what people is thinking" and I know that too!! Need not you to tell me.

Oh yes, if you dislike my dressing, so what??
It is not you who wear it, who cares??

Being daring in dressing means what?? If you call me bitch, DO YOU DARE SAY YOU ARE NOT??
I am very proud that I am NOT and I doubt those criticizing me are DARE TO SAY NO. Sarcastically I would say you are so bitchy!!
Mind your mouth…Yours are just as stink as the shit tank!!

I think it is high possibility I am at the wrong course since diploma. This problem arises again and again!! DAMN!!

If I am from Mass Communication, would it be a different story??
What if an ACCA student also dresses like mass communication student??
What's wrong again??
Even people who first know me asking: "Are you from mass communication or public relation or hotel and management??"

What's wrong??? Dress like a Mass Communication does not mean you are a BITCH!! You are just so shallow minded, and I would say: "Are you ACCA student?? Please tell me you are not!!"

Again, JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER - - if you want, go ahead, and who shall judge you when you died?? It is your God that will.

Gossiping is bad, I believe you know when you are died, and you just as well go to hell as You are still SINFUL for what you have done…

Oh yea, if you want to think I am such a trouble maker, can you ask yourself how do you define "trouble maker"??
(If you do not know, just SHUT UP!!)

Am I giving any trouble to you?? I dare say I NEVER DO!!
I enjoy what I am doing..I believe I can spread the happiness to you guys but WHAT YOU GUYS THINK??
I am just a TROUBLE MAKER??
Fine!! You don't want. SO be it!!

If you dare to stand in the middle of the lecture hall and do what I did, I say you got Ass!!
If you don't, again, SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH for you is just ANOTHER CHICKEN.

After all, I believe my friends enjoy. Even the second time, I was happy for what I have done. For I forgo my fear and stand in crowd.

Thanks for your information, A.
You are such an analytical, rational person. Well, you are emotional too.
Don't cry man…I appreciate how much you actually love us as friends. I really do.
Thanks for standing by my side when I need someone.

What's wrong with this world??
They just so can't understandable!!
But I believe what I have experienced now will make me a better person, for I have gone through many things since my new chapter of life starts.

Nothing is going to be easy. That's life.
Full of cruelty and ugliness!!


  1. charis8:52 AM

    girl i know u r kinda disappointed with them..well let it be man..
    you cant change a thing..either do i..
    well i know in ur mind u think tht u drag me u did not okie..
    i do wear sleeveless back in my diploma n i did not get those rumours in life..
    people is people.u is y care so much?
    there care is their prob..
    let go about in ..kie?
    and thank God for true friends around u..

  2. Yea..I really thinks for those friends around me who did not judge me by my outlook.

    NOw come to think of it, they are just nothing. We have nothing to do with them, haven't we?


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