Sep 13, 2008

MoonCake MoonCake

Hey everybody!! It is Mooncake Festival again this Sunday.
Any plan??

Haha...Last time we used to gather with family and then eat mooncake and drink chinese tea under the moon light.
Still doing that nowadays?? If you do, Keep it UP!! It is good to maintain the tradition and the festive mood.

I hardly get myself triumphant with the festive mood because I no longer see people play tanglung, which I used to do that. I no longer see family enjoying their mooncakes and teas together...
Sharks!! Must be dreaming~~

Oh let me introduce to you the Kawaii Mooncakes by Hitomi (LOL...if you believe)>>>

Don't you think they are so artistically made and ADORABLE?? I wanna Have A BITE!!

Gosh!! This is Even TEMPTING>>>

CAn we get it in Malaysia?? SEriously I have no Idea^^

HaPPy MooNcaKe FesTivaL to all the Chinese, as well as people who like to Join this celebrative day!!

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