Sep 9, 2008


I am lost
In the jungle full of concrete and people

I wish I am who I am
Reality proves that I am not

I do not know who I am
I am again losing myself

Am I on the right track
I do not know and please do not ask

It is you who judge
And it is you, the one who sees me better than I personally do

Perhaps I do improve
I wish I really do

I begin to learn to give and take
I begin to learn to respect
I begin to learn how to think in others' shoes

Am I over doing it
Am I trying to please everyone around me
I do not know
But I do appreciate friends that always back me up
At times when I need them

Thanks for being there
As you pull me out from the jungle that only suffocate me as I go deeper and deeper


  1. i said before dun change coz someone ask u to change...change u think it is necessary. Be urself jie jie.

  2. I know. thanks for commenting too^^

    Well..I listen then I ponder. Sometimes I just do not know whether I know of myself or not.

    DO you know yourself better than anyone else??

  3. charis11:55 AM

    im speechless..i think i noe u more tho at times..keke

  4. ermmm...cant say u dunno..must leanr to know...u urself hav principles in ur life...stand by ur principles..then that will be who u r....and to reply u hor...y coz we were chatting happily that time and that is how become wat we r as ur di di...haha..will be willing to listen n help ur dear too mar...ermm..i mean charis...haha..dun misunderstand oh...hehe=)

  5. Yes charis, I think you know more about me than I do...That's why I say.

    Talking about principles, well, I have not ponder about that before. SOunds so sat bai....shit!!

    Thanks to your Jordan and Charis^^
    My dear ar, you sure??

  6. charis10:59 PM

    wait..i blurr with ur word man lol
    Thanks to your Jordan and Charis^^
    My dear ar, you sure??
    u sed to me or to him?
    geez.. i just hentam la lol i noe u cz i see thru u lol*sound so wrong*
    well i noe u cz i have been trying to und u and knw u..
    u can alwyas ask me anything girl, will always b there fer u..
    no worries..=)


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